Luke Lavelle

Gaming Review: GRIP

For anyone familiar with the 1999 title Rollcage you’ll find some striking resemblances visually and physically

Tech Review: Shadow by Blade

It’s pretty simple, all you need is an internet ready device and a steady stream of Internet anything from 5 mb/s of speed will work but for best results I would aim upward of 15 mb.

Gaming: Strange Brigade Review

Set in the historic tombs and chambers of Egypt we join the team, known as the Strange Brigade. The
collective of 4 Secret Service agents sent on a perilous rescue mission, quickly finding all is not as it
seems thanks to an archaeological fool named Edgar Harbin.

Tech: Turtle Beach PX-24 Headset

Tech: Turtle Beach PX-24 Headset

Audio is a paramount when you’re serious about gaming and Turtle Beach seem to have it locked down. I managed to get hands (or is it ears?) on the brand new PX-24’s.


Tech Review: Olloclip

Camera accessories for mobile phones are becoming ever more popular, but do you struggle to capture that perfect moment?

Tech Review: Acer Iconia One 8

The initial appearance of the Acer Iconia One 8 tablet was welcoming, with its anti-slip criss-cross back it looked much more than the budget tablet I expected.

Tech: Obliq Smartphone Cases

It can be hard to find a reliable yet style aware case for a smartphone. Luckily the guys at Obliq have been working hard…

Machines at War

Gaming Review: Machines at War 3

If you, like me, love the Command & Conquer Series and the ever growing pull of Mobile gaming, you will be more than eager to learn about Machines at War 3, now available on iOS, Mac &PC.

Game Review: Diablo 3

The not so secret fact is that Diablo 3 is now available on Xbox360 and Playstation 3 a bold move for a game open solely to the PC and Mac user. The reason behind this move? Too add to the best-selling PC title of 2012, or to simply welcome consoles into this fantasy hack and slash RPG that Diablo 3 is. Whatever the answer is, it’s a good move in my opinion.

Gaming Review: Dark

With stories of vampires being portrayed in various media now a days, we gamers occasionally get a title release containing these mythic and sometimes…

Game Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Formed by the team at Treyarch and brought to the world by Activision. BLOPs II as it’s widely known takes us on a journey from 1986 all the way to the future, 2025 to be exact.