Recipe: Creamy Seafood Chowder

Jason’s Sourdough, the creators of the artisan sourdough sliced loaf, and food and travel blogger, Elizabeth Atia, have teamed up to create a simple creamy seafood chowder recipe, accompanied with a serving of Jason’s artisan sourdough.

Recipe: Banana and Oat Protein Muffins

This easy banana oat protein muffin recipe is bound to become a firm favourite. Packed with protein and a hint of chocolate, these muffins are the perfect afternoon pick me up for all the family.

Batch Coffee: Coffee on your doorstep

For me coffee is definitely one of those things. I realise I am very lucky, I can work from home and apart from not seeing my wife since the end of February (she is in Italy) my day to day existence has been relatively unscathed. However one of the things I do really miss is just going out for a cup of coffee and being around other people.

Sin-free family favourites

We’ve pulled together a few good-for-you recipes the whole family will love – from our succulent vegan burger to the low-calorie butternut squash pasta bake, these dishes are delicious and packed with nutritious ingredients.

Food: Tempted by Tempeh Soya

Despite what is happening all over the world at the moment in my mind, life carries on as normal. Last week I was able…

Food: Baraka – Broadgate, London

Located in Finsbury Avenue Square, 5mins from Liverpool St Station, the word Baraka translates as an old wooden home where people socialise. It’s a slightly strange name for this restaurant as the architecture is dark, sleek and stylish and as there isn’t that homely cosy-ness you sometimes associate with Turkish restaurants.

Billington’s Vegan Pancakes by Juliet Sear

We’ve just finished Veganuary and Pancake day is getting closer (Tuesday 25th Feb) so I thought it would be nice to get in early and share with you this recipe by Juliet Sear for Vegan Pancakes.