Gaming Review: Machines at War 3

Machines at War

If you, like me, love the Command & Conquer Series and the ever growing pull of Mobile gaming, you will be more than eager to learn about Machines at War 3, now available on iOS, Mac &PC.

Gaming Review Machines at War 3

Built in the studios of Isotope 244, MaW3 offers an enjoyable gaming experience, whether it’s for 5 minutes or until your phone needs recharging. With a simple to follow campaign, packed full of dialogue and info you’ll never be short of what is going on.

Taking control of the vast array of units, from land, air and sea, MaW3 is packed full of ways for you to build your army and execute the mission in your own style whilst following the main objective set out with definition. The shorter games of Skirmish are great to distract you on your break or from the mundane journey to work or school (as long as you’re not the one driving).  The Game Centre link up also enables for the online multi-player so you can challenge and go head to head with your friends or rivals, however you see them fit.

As the mobile gaming industry is ever expanding with popularity, developers are competing for the visual impact their games leave on players. Thankfully, MaW3 fulfills that role with detailed imagery and smooth transitions from the menu, all the way through game-play and even on the hypnotic “About” section. The touch controls were a strange difference for me, after playing strategy games like this with some form of controller or mouse in my palm. Luckily the tutorial gave me chance to adjust and learn the different actions I needed to perform in combat and not look like a complete rookie.

Gaming Review Machines at War 3

With a console normally at the core of my gaming time, my iPhone was drained numerous times (in a good way) from playing MaW3 and managed to keep me hooked over and over. I’ve really enjoyed my time playing this game and shall continue to do so. This may be part to do with my passion of military based strategies, giving me eight out of tenan easier more personal experience but you wouldn’t play if you didn’t like it from the get go, right? I must also point out the fact that MaW3 was, pretty much, solely built by one man, James Bryant. If you would like to find out more, head on down to and see what else they have to offer whilst you’re there…

Platform: iOS, Mac & PC.
Release Date: 2nd October 2013.
Genre: Combat Strategy.
Price: $6.99/ £4.99 on iOS, usually $29.99/ £18.99 on Mac/ PC, on sale for $6.99/ £4.99 via

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