Tech Review: Olloclip


Camera accessories for mobile phones are becoming ever more popular, but do you struggle to capture that perfect moment? Do you have to keep moving back to get that group shot, wide-angle landscape view or that awesome video moment that just looks plain and lacking character when you watch it back again?

Olloclip is a revolutionary company founded in 2011 that was crowdfunded by a Kickstarter campaign. They build amazing camera additions to your iPhone, iPad or Samsung. With a huge variation and combination of lenses to suit all needs, I had my experience with the original and most popular 4-in-1 Lens and Olloclip Case.

Olloclip 4-in-1 comes packaged with an x10 Macro, x15 Macro, Wide Angle and Fisheye lenses. There’s also a lanyard with a few handy carry clips that fit snuggly together keeping it firmly secure. Adding the Olloclip to your phone is simple; it’s ready to go from the box and if you have the Olloclip case you simply remove the insert as instructed in the inner frame. From there just open your Camera, Instagram or our favourite apps and get to snapping.

Wide Angle

Wide Angle Lens

Sometimes taking a photo of a landscape or a group of friends and family can be tricky when you don’t have the space to get a better view, the Wide Angle lens really “widens” your photography potential as seen below. If you need width in your shot the Wide Angle is perfect for just that.

X10 & x15 Macro Lenses

High detail for photographers is always paramount, but with the x10 Macro and x15 Macro amateurs and pros can capture nature and details that the eye or regular cameras cannot. By unscrewing the Wide Angle and Fisheye lenses the Macros are nestled on the Olloclip frame to give immense detail in images that just might take you buy surprise, just make sure you keep hold of the other lenses so you don’t loose them.


Fish Eye Lens

The awesome looking videos from skate parks and people catching waves with the Fish Eye effect were added in post-production or by the use of specialist lenses. Now with the Fish Eye lens option from Olloclip you can grab a photo or video without any special equipment to make it happen, just slide it on and hey presto the world looks a little cooler.


The Olloclip Case

The case is a simple to explain companion for the Olloclip, allowing you to have a case on your phone and use any Lens you purchase as they all fit in the same universal way, which is perfect than having to buy a different case for each lens combination. I would love to see a more rugged, tough style case in the future though as this would add more sense of security but is better than using your phone without. Having the case as a universal to all lenses for your specific device, screams out that Olloclip aren’t out to just take your money as well.


From the parcel arriving to writing this review the 4-in-1 has been a blast, time with the family has been captured in ways I couldn’t achieve with my regular iPhone camera or currently available apps. Friends, Selfies, Landscapes, Work and Nature have all been captured one way or another using the Olloclip and frankly I’m not going to give it up either. Pairing this little but amazing product with an app like Camera+ extends your iPhoto opportunities even further to capture those perfect forever remembered moments we all look for.

If you would like to find out more or purchase the Olloclip simply jump on this link >>>