Tech: Turtle Beach PX-24 Headset

Tech: Turtle Beach PX-24 Headset

Audio is a paramount when you’re serious about gaming and Turtle Beach seem to have it locked down. I managed to get hands (or is it ears?) on the brand new PX-24’s.

Dedicated to bringing the best sounds and immersive environments to our ears through years of experience, Turtle Beach have really pushed the audio boat out this time. In the past, most product releases have been specific to either the Console or Device they were built for, but the Turtle Beach PX-24’s come with a versatile twist, they work on anything from Xbox One, PS4, PC/ Mac or Mobile via it’s 3.5mm Jack.

Tech: Turtle Beach PX-24 Headset

Don’t worry console owners out there, these beauties are wireless so no double cables to add to your setup, simply plug them into your controller and get ready to be blown away. If it wasn’t enough of having the versatility of multi-platform use, the PX-24’s come bundled with the Ear Force SuperAmp™, an internal battery powered, inline amp.

I found this super effective when playing Black Ops 3 or any FPS in fact to give me a better edge over the competition, to clinch the leader boards online. Add in the bonus of Turtle Beach’s Virtual Surround Sound and you may just loose yourself in the soundtracks of Halo 5 or Star Wars: Battlefront.

Tech: Turtle Beach PX-24 Headset

The SuperAmp comes loaded with goodies too, not only can you adjust the overall volume, you can personalize your experience with the Variable Base Boost to get those chilling rumbles from the lows. You can also monitor your own voice with the Variable Mic Monitor selection so you aren’t shouting when getting hyped up from that score-streak (myself included, many pillows have been thrown at me before now). This is all backed up with the high-sensitivity boom mic allowing a clean and clear delivery of your voice.

One superb addition I have used as lot is the Superhuman Hearing™ preset button. This little perk really boosts the headsets capabilities adding a layer of audio depth to your surroundings, boosting footsteps in the main part to hear enemies coming before you see them or catch them running away – or even take the environments in Tomb Raider to a new height.

Turtle Beach design and create some truly amazing headsets, the PX-24’s have been a massive aid to my gaming over the past couple of weeks; I haven’t even re-upped for my favourite X-12’s (which have lasted me for years and still as great as the day I got them). Build quality is as expected to be great and lightweight. 50mm speakers nestled inside the mesh ear cups didn’t once ache my ears as I can tend to find with other headsets, even with the “Parent Slide”; one ear half covered, feature enabled.

At the lower end of the spectrum for the price the PX-24’s come in at £69.99, add in the versatility, SuperAmp and 30 or so hours of charge the amp battery holds for semi-wireless audio, you would be mad to miss getting a pair of these for yourself, friend or family member. I can’t wait to play Rainbow Six: Seige with these to see what they can do for me.

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