‘Untitled’ by Casey Bowers

I did everything to avoid this. Convinced myself it didn’t matter – my voice didn’t matter.  Made excuse after excuse: It was too late….

Sponsored Video: Say no to fake goods

One of the inevitable by-products of being successful is imitation. Be it in music, art, fashion or science, if you do something good, chances are some people will copy you and try to make money from it.


Recipe: No Coffee Chocolate Frappé for my Valentine!

I like to think that something prepared by you has a higher emotional value than a bought gift in the store. Valentine’s is one of those perfect opportunities to prepare self-made gifts and I couldn’t skip this special occasion to recommend a sweet recipe.

The Russian Standard Tasting Evening

Russian Standard kindly invited a group of us to enjoy their range of vodkas in the hope of educating us to have more of an appreciation of vodka and its spiritual (excuse the pun) home of Russia. They figured the best way to achieve this was to get us drunk as sailors on shore leave but with enough class to convince us we were proud members of a private yachting club.

Mobile App: Get Taxi

The app picks up your location and then you simply press “get taxi”, within seconds you receive a real time countdown (less than two minutes in this case) and the name and photo of the driver. This is a great safety feature for those travelling alone given illegal car services.

The meat in the sandwich: SEIBEI

David Murray is a self-taught illustrator and since 2006, the brains behind SEIBEI, a brilliant, independent, one man clothing company. His T-shirts are popular all over the world and are regularly seen on TV and in the movies. We have 2 to give away.

The Artisan Hotel: Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas and NOT Gambling is a bit like going to the tennis at Wimbledon to eat strawberries. Unless you stay at The Artisan Hotel.

The Pleasure of Doing Nothing

Sat at one of the London Airports, struggling to shake the feeling I’d forgotten something, I was aware that the pending holiday needed to be both relaxing and restorative. Easier said than done.

Byron Burgers

Burger Bunch: Byron Hamburgers

As part of our Burger Bunch series of features I wanted to let you know about MY favourite place to get a burger, Byron. They’ve won loads of awards, and they taste nearly as good as the ones I make at home.

The Taste Test: Walkers Mystery Flavours

Walkers launch 3 new kinds of crisps this week but no-one knows what flavours they are. If you can guess you could win £50,000. We got a head start on the competition.