Gaming: Crash Bandicoot – N. Sane Trilogy

Crash is back and better than ever! Spinning his way onto the latest generation of gaming consoles Crash Bandicoot is a solid platformer that doesn’t belly flop when landing into your disk trays.

Coming out of the Studios of Vicarious Visions, who in the past have brought us Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Skylanders to name drop a couple of titles, the N. Sane Trilogy is full of nostalgia that would have Aku Aku screaming “Rutabaga”.

As soon as you load up, the intro credits show a transformation from a jagged protagonist to a sleek, modern, “sophisticated” version of his former self. Visuals are the biggest thing that instantly lure you in, with smooth corners and seeing clear pixels as far as the eye can see. Vicarious have done a grand job of taking the original geometry and building the new gameplay from that framework feeling just like it did all those 20 years ago! (That don’t half make you feel old)

For those of you who having arduously played the original and honed your skills to get those top level times under your belt, you’ll have to attend the grind fest again in Time Trials. This is because the general controls and timings have been tweaked ever so slightly. Just to screw with your muscle memory, damn you Vicarious!

The original Crash Trilogy comes fully loaded into the N. Sane package, keeping me and my family on the edge of our seat; with smiles, frowns and even some tears (mostly on my part). Enough to keep you going for the impending school summer holidays at least for the £27.99 price tag. With a huge dollop of nostalgia thrown on top of crazy doctors and failed experiments,

Crash Bandicoot delivers memories new for the next generation of gamers and serving fun for all ages. PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC. 8/10. Available from 29th July 2018.

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