Car Review: Lexus RX450h Takumi

Ok, so as you may know the Lexus RX450h isn’t completely new. It originally launched in 2016, but the 2020 upgrade comes with a few small but significant improvements.

Car Review: Jaguar I-PACE

If you’re going to make an entrance to a growing automotive sector– this is how you do it. Jaguar’s first foray into the all-electric…

Car Review: Tesla Model 3

Few electric cars have caused as much of a furore as the Tesla Model 3. It’s been teased and talked about, previewed and – not least – plagued by production issues that saw the European launch date pushed back repeatedly.

Should you Hire a Mobile Mechanic?

We’ve all been through the stress and rigamarole of our car breaking down and being forced to drive (or two) the clunker into the mechanic.

6 Car Design Collaborations

When haute couture houses are working on a car’s design the end product is (usually) something exciting to see. Collaborations with fashion brands are not unusual and everyone from Gucci to Levi’s to Versace have worked on limited edition car design ideas.

Car Review: MG ZS Electric

Some cars come along and leave a truly lasting impression, like the McLaren 570GT, Alfa Romeo’s Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde, the Volkswagen Arteon, Suzuki’s new Jimny, Honda’s Civic Type-R and the Hyundai 130N Performance.

Car Review: MINI Electric by Wayne Gorrett

ith battery-powered vehicles coming at us left, right and centre, it’s a little odd that BMW has taken so long to bring us the MINI Electric (called ‘Cooper SE’ in other markets) –

Care of Tyres During Lockdown

Lock down due to Corona virus has introduced a strange paradox. On the one hand you seemingly have all the time in the world due compulsion to stay at home, but many precious and useful things in your house require attention and care if these have to be kept in operational state.

How To Hire A Car With Poor Credit

Let’s say you want a car for some reason, whether it’s just for hire for a week with family, or maybe it’s so you can take your kids around from one place to another, either way you want to have the right car for you.