Tech: Belkin iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Dock

Belkin iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Dock Review

The Verdict

Charging your iPhone and Apple Watch has been saved from the clutches of depletion by the handy Charging Dock by Belkin.

Belkin have been around for some time (since 1983) and are always one of my go-to companies for gadgets and computing accessories. Housed within a stylish and simple design to compliment any office desk or bedside table the Belkin Charge Dock is a first of its kind.

This product enables you to charge your iPhone and Watch at the same time and the minimalistic product means you don’t need cables everywhere as it’s all contained within the one unit.

Belkin iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Dock Review

The lightning connection also slides up and down for a number of phone case requirements, or for when you’re not charging to keep it safe. With the addition of contact charge that the Apple Watch possess, it elegantly seems to hover no matter which band you use, refuelling its desire to bring you more technological joy as it has the past day.

All your woes of multiple plugs and cables now seem a distant nightmare and if you know someone who already has an Apple Watch (or is getting one for Xmas) it could be a nice present.

Belkin iPhone and Apple Watch Charging Dock Review

One drawback – the Dock isn’t cheap and on this occasion quality comes at a price of around £109.95, although hopefully we’ll see a drop in price after the seasonal shopping fiascoes subside.

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