Music: Slovo – Bread and Butterflies

For the last 20 years Dave Randell has been pulling together unexpected and compelling groups of artists to make albums that skate the polemic edges of music and politics.

Music: Mighty Oaks – All Things Go

It is an uncomfortable time of year. Winter has seemingly entered it’s 312th dreary week, everyone is still skint, and bang in the middle is an awkward alienating sudo-celebration of romantic love.

Music Review: Celtic Connections 2020

That Celtic Connections is a musical lighthouse shining through the Scottish January drear is a cliché. But like all clichés it exists for a reason. For two weeks a year it lights up Glasgow, attracting 130,000 people, to 300 gigs, across 29 venues, igniting the cold nights with a warm harbour of sound.

Music: Squeeze Live at Indigo2, London

There are a few tracks from their 15-album back catalogue that have never before been performed live until this tour, not least ‘King George Street’ which Tilbrook tells us they hadn’t played onstage since its initial release 34 years ago.

Music: Welshly Arms: King Tuts Wah Wah Hut. 5th Nov 2019 & Interview

It’s bonfire night: an evening set apart in time. Thick with nostalgic musty post-fireworks fug, and at one of the most iconic venues in the UK, tonight Glasgow offers the perfect setting for a band whose infectiously rocky sound is as ageless as sparklers in mittened fists.

Preview: Welshly Arms, UK tour Nov19

If listening to Welshly Arms leaves you with the extraordinary suspicion that you just heard the soundtrack to the last few years, that’s because you did.

Music: Living Colour – Waterfront Norwich

I can’t believe its been 30 years since I last saw Living Colour perform live. I was a mere slip of a lad when they supported Anthrax on their UK ‘State of Euphoria’ tour in 1989.

Music: Lower Slaughter – Some Things Take Work

It will always be a joy to say Lower Slaughter are back, and indeed they are, with their second album ‘Some Things Take Work’ now upon us to deliver us from all sorts of evils, and if maybe not actually deliver us, it will at least distract us from the shite around us as we base jump into the riff pit with wild abandon.

Music Review: Celtic Connections 2019

It’s Imbolc, the Celtic festival of the return of the light: and in Glasgow they don’t wait around for warmth to come to them. Here January is lit up by two weeks of musical revelry as the Celtic Connections festival takes over almost every art space in the city.