Imagelogger: Week 6 – Burgers and Bloggers

Week six of my imagelogger diary – Strangely this is the only Hotel in Reykjavik with an indoor Spa. Strange because there are hundreds of outdoor ones and it’s not the warmest place in the world.

Imagelogger: Week 5 – Iceland

I was in Iceland this week. It was our first time there and I will definitely be going back, is amazing, beautiful, quirky, fresh, modern and exciting. I arrived at 12.30am and it was still daylight. At this time of year it never really goes properly dark, which is a bit weird. There isn’t much ice actually, some people think Greenland and Iceland swapped names by mistake as Greenland has all the snow.

Imagelogger: Week 4 – Camden, Cars & Cocktails.

Also went to Shaka Zulu in Camden. This place is HUGE, you go down and escalator to get in and then go down again to the restaurant. I had Roast Zebra and Springbox Carpaccio. These drinks were quite cool though. One is a ‘Burning Red’ (below) Freshly muddled chillies, Santa teresa clark rum, raspberry puree, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and Chambord liqueur, and ice.

Week 2 Imagelogger – Puglia

I was lucky enough to stay at the Masseria San Domenico in Puglia last week. Look out for a feature about it in the next edition of Flush Magazine, in the meantime here are a few pictures I took while I was out and about exploring.

Week 1 Imagelogger – Mallorca

I was really blown away at how nice it was in Mallorca. I stayed in the North East side of the island well away from the British bars and nightclubs of Magaluf, and will definitely be going back again in the future.