Week 2 Imagelogger – Puglia

I was lucky enough to stay at the Masseria San Domenico in Puglia last week. Look out for a feature about it in the next edition of Flush Magazine, in the meantime here are a few pictures I took while I was out and about exploring.

Grey Shard
Heading to the airport, the grey weather in London compliments the Shard nicely.

The Shard

Friday Night
Locorotondo is located in the Province of Bari, in Puglia Southern Italy. I visited on a Fri evening, this seemed to be where the action was.

Friday night
Fri eve in Locorotondo

Church of San Rocco, Locorotondo
The church of San Rocco, (the town’s Patron Saint) this is the third church on this site, the first was built in 1568, this one is fairly new (1872).

 Church of San Rocco, Locorotondo

Olive Tree
This is what the inside of a 2,500 year old olive tree looks like (I tasted the certified olive oil too) the curves are caused not by the wind, but by the tree trying to escape the mites that eat it. Has been seven generations of the same family growing olives here. Antica Masseria Brancati, near Ostuni, Brindisi.

Olive Tree
Olive Tree

Masseria Mavù
Some more local olive oil in a gorgeous setting, Masseria Mavù is about 3km from Locorotondo (see the traditional Trulli buildings in the background). This place is a nightclub at the weekends.


Land by the sea
The pace of things in Southern Italy is much slower than the UK, even the plants are relaxed about life.

Puglian field

All photos were taken by Pete Graham with a Samsung NX300 provided by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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