Imagelogger: Week 5 – Iceland

I was in Iceland this week. It was our first time there and I will definitely be going back, is amazing, beautiful, quirky, fresh, modern and exciting. I arrived at 12.30am and it was still daylight. At this time of year it never really goes properly dark, which is a bit weird. There isn’t much ice actually, some people think Greenland and Iceland swapped names by mistake as Greenland has all the snow.

Just about to land. Love the light on this one.

Imagelogger - Week 5

Chuck Norris

We stayed at the Marina, is an up and coming area of Reykjavik, and actually a working dry dock. I saw a couple of these vans driving around with celebrities on the side. Not sure why, but they look cool.

Imagelogger - Week 5

Flat bread Pizza
This was delicious. Salt Cod with Basil.

Imagelogger - Week 5

Tectonic Plates
this is where the tectonic plates are situated. They are still moving, although you won’t notice if you are there for a day.

Imagelogger - Week 5

Baking Bread
The Ground is so hot here (from the Geothermal energy below the surface) that if bury some dough in a tin in the ground, it will cook in around 6 hours. We tasted it and it worked.

Imagelogger - Week 5

These greenhouses grow tomatoes. They use the same electricity as 4,000 homes. Luckily for them, they can use Geo-thermal energy, the heat that occurs naturally underground in many parts of Iceland. So it costs hardly anything. They also had a brilliant cafe that served the best tomato soup and fresh bread ever.

Imagelogger - Week 5

Like a waterfall
This is just one of many stunning waterfalls in Iceland. They also have the best tap water I’ve ever tasted.

Imagelogger - Week 5 Iceland

All photos were taken by Pete Graham with a Samsung NX300 provided by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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