Week 1 Imagelogger – Mallorca

I’ve been asked to take some photos as part of an image-blog type thing called Imagelogger in partnership with Samsung, so here is week one. Mallorca.

I was really blown away at how nice it was in Mallorca. I stayed in the North East side of the island well away from the British bars and nightclubs of Magaluf, and will definitely be going back again in the future. Is perfect place for a walking or cycling holiday and even in the Summer this part never gets too busy. Look out for a full feature in the new edition of Flush Magazine.

Mallorca Hotel
The view coming in to the private jetty at the Illa d’or Hotel. Was hoping to go right around the island but once you were out of the Port, the waves were far too big for our small boat.

Mallorca Hotel - Illa d'or Hotel

View from my room
This was the view from my room, was great to wake up in the morning and open the window to this.

Illa d'or Hotel

Walnuts & Palma Ham
The perfect accompaniment to a cold glass of Mallorcan Wine.

Illa d'or Hotel

Co-operative Vineyard
Produces 70,000 bottles per year of Mallorcan wine, was lucky enough to sample some too (see above).

Mallorcan Wine co-opeartive

The Mountains
WOW! What can you say?
There is a great place close-by where lovers leave a padlock attached to the railings overlooking the sea.

Mallorcan mountians

Mallorcan Iron Man
The event was taking place while I was here.
www.ironmanmallorca.com is only a half distance event, but the Mallorcan hills and cold sea are definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Mallorcan Iron Man competition

Lunch by the Beach
Had lunch at a lovely place called ‘Cala Barques’ on the North coast of Mallorca, if you visit, don’t ask for the menu, just ask them what is good that day. Fish is amazing, straight from the sea.

Cala Barques

Poisonous Jellyfish
Apparently is strong enough to give you a really nasty sting.

All photos were taken by Pete Graham with a Samsung NX300 provided by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.