Imagelogger: Week 8 – May The Food Be With You

I took this last week in Grenoble, it has a nice late afternoon summer in the city feel to it. There isn’t enough of these days sometimes.

grenoble #imagelogger

Went to try and cook some food at Recipease in Notting Hill Gate this week. Chef Justin Timineri (pictured) travels the world demonstrating some of the wonderful food they have there. I am now an expert at home-made pasta and eating Key-lime Pie. Many thanks to @visitflorida for the invite.

 Recipease #imagelogger
Recipease #imagelogger

Up in Smoke
There is a really brilliant magic exhibition just opened in North Walsham, near the North Norfolk coast. It’s called Davenports Magic Kingdom. This is next door to it… Am not sure if one of the tricks went wrong and vaporised this warehouse in the process?


To be or not to be?
I’m reading this book. I can’t wait for the film version.
REBEL 1: The Death Star plans we could not find herein, nor are they on the main computer, Lord. In short, they are not here, and there’s an end.
VADER: Thou speakest well, my stormtrooper, and yet not well upon my ear the message falls.

Star Wars by William Shakespeare

All photos were taken by Pete Graham with a Samsung NX300 provided by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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