Imagelogger: Week 6 – Burgers and Bloggers

Natura Spa, Reykjavik
Strangely this is the only Hotel in Reykjavik with an indoor Spa. Strange because there are hundreds of outdoor ones and it’s not the warmest place in the world.

Spa Reykjavik - Imagelogger

Samsung NX
Back in the UK, Samsung invited me to the launch of some new cameras, laptops and phones. This is the Samsung NX (look out for a review later). They only let me take pictures inside the Hotel, and they had to cover the logo up in case of spies. All very secretive.

nx camera - Imagelogger

On the bus
On the way to the Samsung launch at Earls Court with one of the Korean power bloggers and Paul Thurlow, a great photographer from Portsmouth on Twitter here @portsmouthphoto

On the Bus

Emile Sande
If free drink and food isn’t enough, live entertainment was provided by Will.I.AM and Emily Sande.

emily sande - imagelogger

Ranch Burger
Met up with Steve at the Table cafe, Southwark Street in London ( and had one of these for Ranch Burgers for lunch.

Ranch Burger - Imagelogger

All photos were taken by Pete Graham with a Samsung NX300 provided by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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