Live Review: Rush @ O2 London, 2013

They close with an unbelievably good version of THE classic ‘Spirit of Radio’, the sound of Rush fans spontaneous combusting across the venue is clearly audible.

Game Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Formed by the team at Treyarch and brought to the world by Activision. BLOPs II as it’s widely known takes us on a journey from 1986 all the way to the future, 2025 to be exact.

Live Review: Feeder @Kasbah, Coventry

“Who wants to hear the song from the Lucozade advert?” Grant says as he kicks off Buck Rogers’, possibly one of the best quiet / loud songs ever. As it kicks in the crowd go wild with a huge mosh pit in the middle, while the rest jump up and down, loving the atmosphere and the tunes.

Retro-Active: 8bit Weapon

Once you get over the initial ‘where is my joystick?’ feeling, 8bit weapon’s music does something quite strange to you. You get an overwhelming desire to use your finger as a laser gun and walk like a robot.

Live Review: St Lucia @Cameo Gallery, New York

Opening with the epic “We Got It Wrong,” a cacophony of ghostly vocals moved through the foggy synth backdrop. At moments, Jean Phillip’s smooth voice vaguely evoked a much cooler Phil Collins, fueled by powerhouse harmonies (a trio including guitarist Ross Clark & keyboardist Beranek).

Slinkachu – Small People

Slinkachu has been working on the ‘Little People Project’ since 2006. By re-modelling and repainting those miniature characters from train sets and photographing them in real-life-size locations the resulting photos give a charming and new perspective.

Byron Burgers

Burger Bunch: Byron Hamburgers

As part of our Burger Bunch series of features I wanted to let you know about MY favourite place to get a burger, Byron. They’ve won loads of awards, and they taste nearly as good as the ones I make at home.

Film Review: Young Adult

Quirky, off-beat, this is usually what Hollywood calls boring movies with no special effects and a weird ending. In the case of Young Adult, these terms can be applied, but in their truest sense. It’s a film that gives quirk and off-beat a good name.

The Taste Test: Walkers Mystery Flavours

Walkers launch 3 new kinds of crisps this week but no-one knows what flavours they are. If you can guess you could win £50,000. We got a head start on the competition.