Live Review: Feeder @Kasbah, Coventry

The queue outside the Kasbah in Coventry to see Feeder snakes nearly around the block. The band are dropping by on a four stop UK tour to promote their latest EP Borders, and the Welsh boys had bought fIN from London along with them for the ride.

Feeder Live Review 2012

fIN are welcomed with warm arms, mainly because they sound like The Enemy. Life Is Wasted On The Living stood out among their set, and they got the crowd bouncing up and down before the main event.

With the main room packed, the lights slowly went dim and the classic Simon and Garfunkel song ‘Sound of Silence’ played as Feeder lead singer/guitarist, Grant Nicholas (above) walked on stage and began ‘Children of the Sun’. As he struck the final chords, the rest of the band joined him and the rock began.

Feeder took an unusual turn last year and changed their name to Renegades, releasing a single of the same name. They played it tonight and the crowd loved it, even demanding another Renegades song to be played, of which Grant laughed and said “No, we played that on the Renegades tour last year”

“Who wants to hear the song from the Lucozade advert?” Grant says as he kicks off ‘Buck Rogers‘, possibly one of the best quiet / loud songs ever. As it kicks in the crowd go wild into a huge mosh pit in the middle, while the rest jump up and down, loving the atmosphere and the tunes.

The next song ‘Idaho’ is about when the band were back in their glory days playing all over the world, and you can tell the passion the band have for it. It’s not been a smooth ride for Feeder, back in 2002 their original drummer Jon Lee committed suicide which left the band with a difficult decision about carrying on, and in 2005 Grant had surgery on bleeding vocal chords.

In-between their classics, ‘Just the Way I’m Feeling’, ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Feeling a Moment’, the band sprinkle new songs, and tonight Grant looks like he never wants to be off stage again.

After the last number of the set (the title track to latest album ‘Generation Freakshow’), Feeder return for an encore, first ‘High’, and then fan favourite ‘Just a Day’, the fans go insane and surf and jump in circle pits across the dance floor.

It’s been five months since they last played a show and Grant admitted it was “Terrifying being back on the road”, tonight proved they’ve still got it.