Music: The Darkness – Nothing's Gonna Stop Us

The Darkness - Nothing's going to stop us

Once upon a time some lads from Lowestoft did a band and it was good. Lots of people liked their songs, they were metal, but they were fun.

They did some cool videos and wore some crazy gear. They released a classic album called ‘Permission To Land‘, they won awards and were invited to all the best parties in town.

Then things went a bit wrong, they did a bit of a dodgy record, the bass player left, and a bit like Little Britain, all of a sudden everybody didn’t think they were any good anymore.

Love them or hate them, The Darkness are back. Personally I love them and the world is a better place with them in it.

This is their new song ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us‘ and is a good sign of things to come. The video was made by artist Thom Lessner and director Ted Passon, see if you can spot all the cameos in it.

No official announcement yet, but there should be an album on the way soon.

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