Burger Bunch: Byron Hamburgers

Byron Burgers

As part of our Burger Bunch series of features I wanted to let you know about MY favourite place to get a burger, Byron. They’ve won loads of awards, and they taste nearly as good as the ones I make at home.

Byron Burgers

They must be doing ok too, as despite Tom Byng (below right) only opening his first Byron restaurant on Kensington High Street less than 5 years ago, there are now 19 of them in and around London.

Late last year they got together with TV chef Gizzi Erskine (below left), and raised a staggering £36,673 for the mens health charity Movember by donating 50p from every Gizz-Mo Burger they sold that month.

The burger was AWESOME, and even ace Burger Detective Burgerac went as far as to give it a 5-star rating . Best of all, there was a 2 week period where if you had raised more than £25 for Movember, they gave you a FREE Hamburger. Now if that wasn’t a good reason for growing a moustache I don’t know what is.

The current ‘special’ is a Bourbon BBQ burger, a 6oz hamburger, Monterey Jack cheese and bourbon BBQ sauce. Or you can get a beer, a ‘Boilermaker’ burger and a glass of reserve bourbon whiskey for £14.50.

I like them because they remind me of In N’ Out Burger in the US, while Byron is a bit more sophisticated, their philosophy on food is the same. The menu is simple, usually no more than 6 choices, and the odd ‘special’ (anymore than that and I start to blackout), the food tastes GREAT and they’re nice places to sit and spend some time in.

All their restaurants have a different look and ‘feel’ to them, and they have loads of character, which for a chain-in-the-making is really great to see. The meat is carefully sourced from Scotland, and the staff are friendly too, but not too friendly.


This isn’t a sponsored feature, but I’m wondering if I say enough nice things about them they will make me a special gold card for unlimited burgers until my heart explodes.

All they need now is a mascot to rival Ronald McDonald…. How about er.. Matty the Patty? Hmmm… Maybe not.

For more info go to www.byronhamburgers.com

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