The Taste Test: Walkers Mystery Flavours

As big crisps fans we’re always interested when Walkers bring out a new flavour (or three). Some of their recent have included Cajun Squirrel, Chilli and Chocolate, and even a Stephen Fry Full English Fry-up.

Last week we got our hands on some pre-launch (or should that be lunch?) samples of their new Mystery Flavour crisps. This time Walkers are challenging the public to guess the flavours themselves, do it correctly and you could win £50,000.

Walkers Mystery Flavours

I can imagine there is going to be much debate in the pubs, canteens and playgrounds across the UK as to what the 3 new flavours might be. Here is what we came up with.

Flavour A – Dairy
You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to realise these crisps are a cheese and ‘something’ flavour. Although not especially strong, opinion on the exact type of cheesiness was strongly divided.

Dawn: Parmesan Cheese with Spring Onions 7/10
Pete: Warm Brie with Young Shallots 7.5/10
Linda: Ricotta Cheese with Wild Rosemary 7/10

If these crisps were a celebrity chef they would be… Delia Smith – Middle of the road, inoffensive, but tasty. Total Points: 21.5

Walkers Mystery FlavoursFlavour B – Meaty
Our instant reaction was a porky/ ham combination, however, the more we thought about it the more difficult it became to pinpoint. Eventually we settled on these ideas.

Dawn: Honey Glazed Sausages with Tomato Ketchup 6/10
Pete: Wild boar with Apple Cider 7/10
Linda: Home Cooked Bacon with Bramley Apple 6/10

If these crisps were a celebrity chef they would be… The Hairy Bikers – Robust, but full of flavour. Total Points: 19

Flavour C – Spicy
I’m pretty sure these have its origins in Middle Eastern cuisine, despite several glasses of water to cleanse the palate, the tasting was starting to become more difficult.

These were delicious and definitely everyone’s favourite.

Dawn: Lamb Tagine 8/10
Pete: Moroccan Stew with Goats Yoghurt 9/10
Linda: Salami with Roasted Garlic 8/10

If these crisps were a celebrity chef they would be… Jamie Oliver – Pukka! **Taste Test Winner** Total Points: 27

Walkers Mystery Flavours

To enter the competition visit from the 23rd January.
Happy tasting!

*** UPDATE ***

Walkers have now revealed the Mystery Flavours as
Mystery Flavour A is Sour Cream & Spring Onion
Mystery Flavour B is Lincolnshire Sausage & Brown Sauce
Mystery Flavour C is Birmingham Chicken Balti