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The seasons are ever changing, and so is fashion. If you’re into your style, you’ll know how hard it is to try and stay on trend.

There’s always something new coming into play, especially with celebrities having such a big social media presence. Sometimes people can also be a bit scared to be adventurous with fashion. There’s such a stigma around what people wear lately, and everyone is quick to judge with regards to someone’s fashion sense. If this is why you’re worried about staying on trend, you need to remember to be unique to you and not care what other people think. As long as you’re happy with what you’re wearing, that’s all that should matter. But, if you’re struggling to stay on trend here are a few ways you can improve things a little.

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Follow Fashion Icons

As we said, fashion seems to be absolutely everywhere in the media lately. There’s so many new and innovative fashion icons coming into play. Take Conor McGregor for example. He’s renowned for his MMA world titles, but now that he’s got his fame and fortune he’s become quite the fashion icon. He’s even started up his own clothing line. It’s people like this that are trend setting their own fashion likes that you need to be following. It’s so easy to draw inspiration from you and make their outfits your own. Obviously you won’t be able to afford most of the things they’re wearing, but taking the look and finding cheaper options is always worth it. If you’re a girl and are looking for a bit of inspo, the Kardashians and Jenners are really good to follow, as well as icons such as Rihanna.

Shop Around

You’ll have days where you’ll be looking on the internet and be like ‘Oh my god I want that, I need that’, but it’ll often come at the time when you can’t afford anything. When you can afford something, every just seems a bit rubbish. This is where shopping around comes into play. You need to put an outfit together in your mind and go on the hunt for it. An essential for a winter outfit is boots. They’re comfy, they look good, and they’ll keep you warm, shop around and look at things such as Blundstone Boots. A good pair of black jeans, with a black or white plain Tee, and a mustard coloured padded faux fur coat is such a lovely look at the minute. You can also substitute the black jeans for the blue and have the same effect. It’s important to know your body shape as well when shopping around. That look above is perfect for pretty much anybody shape. Some looks however only suit certain shapes. There are some great guides online that can really help give you that push in the right direction.

Staying on trend isn’t as hard as you thought, is it? If you look good, you’re always going to feel good. Sometimes making an effort in what you’re wearing is the key to feeling happy about yourself.

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