Men’s Fashion: Looking The Part In 2018

Men often have a hard time knowing whether they are being fashionable, but for anyone who is serious about doing so all it takes is to pay attention to the current trends and find your own way to integrate them.


You can also include a little subversion of those trends, so long as you make it work in a way which stands out to just the right degree. But however you approach it, it all comes from an understanding of the basics from which you need to work. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the likely 2018 trends which you might want to think about, in order to ensure you really look the part next year.

Wooden Watches

You might have noticed that there is a particular trend for wooden watches at the moment. There is always a huge amount of style and class that can be had from wearing a watch, and it’s a good idea to think about what is currently on trend. With wooden watches, you will find that they are everywhere, and the good news about what is you can use them in a variety of ways in your wardrobe.

Accessories are always important for looking your very best, and it will be a matter of trial and error in attempting to get your wooden watch to work with your outfits next year. But do so, and you will be able to much more look the part than you might have expected.

Street Meets Fashion

It is usually a mistake to suppose that streetwear is separate from fashion, but at the same time they are not always uniquely intertwined. In the coming year, however, it looks as though we can expect a revival of streetwear being a major part of the fashion trends. What that means for you is that you can dig out your baseball cap, your sweaters and shirts and really go to town on it.

But don’t go for the same old thing as last year – why not take this as an opportunity to try out some new mens streetwear brands and change up how you approach this particular style? It can be amazing how easy it is to make this work, so think about that when you are trying to look your best next year. Not everyone may look like Cody Calafiore or Luka Sabbat, but upping your style game can change your attitude.

The Suit & Its Changes

If there is anything you can always count on in men’s fashion, it’s the suit. The suit is never going to be out of style, but you do always need to make sure that you are keeping in line with the current suit trends. Next year, you can expect to see cleaner lines on the jackets, brighter colors all over, and we’re still not done with doing away with the necktie. An open shirt effect and simple belt accessory is still going to win the day, and class will come from a simplicity which only the humble suit can truly bring.

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