Film Review – Bingo: The King of the Mornings

There might be a picture of a kid’s clown on the poster for truly excellent ‘Bingo: The King of the Mornings’ (2017), but this definitely isn’t one for all the family to sit round watching after Christmas dinner

Top 10 Must-Have Items for Every Man’s Wardrobe

Men have always had a habit of caring more about their car, signed football ball or being able to all important moments, the point is that they have always been far less concerned about what they put on when going out and interacting with the world.

The Minimal Man’s Guide to Kitting out your Home for Winter

It’s not always the first thing on a man’s mind to think about soft furnishings and home décor, however it’s an important aspect involved in creating a space in which you feel comfortable and at home, especially during the winter months when it becomes a cocoon of hibernation.

The Immortal Blade

Film Review: The Immortal Blade

It’s not going to be for everyone, but like the best of cult movies, it’s not supposed to be. See it slash the silver screen, and then for thousands of viewings at home, it will lead to your own redemption.

Food: Recipe – Filo Mince Pies

These delicious festive treats brought to you by Lurpak® use filo pastry for a modern twist on a historic classic. Perfect to whip up in advance and bring out when guests pop over, simply top with crème fraiche and clementine zest for a real taste of Christmas.

The Machines Behind The Movie

The Machines Behind The Movie

Sitting down at the cinema to enjoy the latest release is a lot of people’s favourite way to spend a Saturday afternoon. However most people don’t even consider what goes on behind the scenes. We explore some of the different machines used to make the masterpieces you enjoy at the cinema.

Logan Lucky out 18th December – Win one of 3 copies!

STUDIOCANAL is pleased to announce that the high-speed heist film – LOGAN LUCKY – will be available on Digital Download from 18 December 2017 and on Blu-ray, Ultra-HD and DVD from 26 December 2017 and to celebrate we’re giving away 3 copies on DVD.

Distressed denim: Creating your own look at home

Everyone adores jeans, so making them personal to your individual style is sometimes difficult. To create a look that’s all your own, why not get on the distressed denim trend and make your own customised jeans?