Separating Fact & Fiction On The Screen

When you find a TV show that you’re really in love with, it’s hard not to immerse yourself in it. Sometimes, the characters can feel like they’d be great friends to you in real life, or would make an incredible boyfriend. But you have to remember, that it’s really all fiction.

If you’re a TV obsessive and you do find it hard to pull yourself away, these tiny tips might just help you out.

Tell Yourself, It’s Just TV

First off, if you find yourself getting really involved in a storyline, you may need to step back a little. Because the characters on the screen aren’t real. They are just actors! And some of them are so good at their jobs that you really do believe that Blair, A, or Jon Snow are real! But you have to remember, that it’s just TV.

Having an interest is one thing, but don’t let yourself become obsessed, because that’s where the lines between fact and fiction tend to blur.

Bring Them Into The Real World

When you think about it, the lives of TV characters aren’t always that believable. They’re all so extreme, and their lives are either super crazy and full of drama, or they have it far too easy. Neither are normal. So much so, if you were to bring them out of their world and into ours, their lives probably wouldn’t seem all that great.

Just take a look at the infographic to see how they would match up!

Infographic Design By Sunny