Some Styles That Work For Both Men And Women

Styling yourself for the day is something a lot of people don’t pay much mind to. You throw on some clothes and you’re out the door, only realising when you get outside that the colour of your pants really clash with the shirt you hastily buttoned up.

But rushing back inside shows you you don’t have any alternatives to throw on, and now you’re feeling a bit stuck and go to work with your head held low.
There’s so many fashion options out there, but often we feel limited to the same styles and brands that we don’t shop outside of a comfort zone. So if you’re worried about the lack of choice you’ve got in your wardrobe, this is the post for you. Here’s some great fashion items that work well on both men and women.


Trench Coats

Trench coats are a type of layering that work well for any outfit, as they hide what you’ve got on underneath. Even any type of bottoms you’re wearing can be complemented by either the sharp or neutral tone of the coat you’ve got on on top; it’s a saving grace for the fashion world! But we’re most likely to see women wearing them, on the street and in the magazines, and rarely do we come across a male model sporting the same kind of look.

However, men can easily pull off such a style choice. At the same time, wearing a trench coat can even make you seem more in control than any other kind of jacket, especially if you’ve got a neat blazer on underneath. Some of the most famous characters in cinema even wear them as part of their iconic look.

Heeled Shoes

Wearing heels on your shoes doesn’t have to mean you’re walking outside in a pair of stilettos. Instead, you can get a fine pair of boots that work with anything other dark colours that you’re most likely to wear and stomp outside in style.

Cuban heels particularly are popular with men out there, as well as women, and there’s varying heights you can indulge in. Having something to boost your step and make you look taller is always going to work out in your favor.

Changing Hairstyles

If you change your hairstyle, you’re going to change your entire look. Seeing as the face is the first thing we see when it comes to meeting someone else, you’re going to want to make the best impression.

Maybe you’ve got a cow lick that’s too stubborn to style, or limp ends that won’t pick up. Either way, there’s some sneaky tips that can hide them away! If you don’t have much hair you can style with, head to We take care of hair transplants to change that reality. You can have a lot more hair whenever you need it, and make yourself look like a young executive in the making. No longer do you feel like you have to shop exclusively in one section of the clothes store.