Top 10 Must-Have Items for Every Man’s Wardrobe

Men have always had a habit of caring more about their car, signed football ball or being able to all important moments, the point is that they have always been far less concerned about what they put on when going out and interacting with the world.

Now that information is everywhere and freely available, it is evident that the male population has started considering alternative items as part of their wardrobe. The well-sculpted body is an achievement over nature, but dressing it with just the right clothes is a statement. Following are the top ten must-have items that should find their place in the contemporary men’s closet.

#1 – White button-down shirt

The palm-tree- decorated statement shirt has officially seen its last days in the open air. If tourists in Las Vegas casinos have been able to give up on it, so should a respectable gentleman like yourself, even if you would rather make use of Netbet casino’s accessibility. This shirt fits every occasion, and look.

#2 – A Navy-blue Jumper

A crewneck jumper in any color is bound to be a good solution, but the fact that navy blue is both practical and versatile has kept this item in men’s wardrobes for years now.

#3 – Light-colored trench coat

This type of coat is perfect for men who aren’t afraid to go into battle each day, just like the British soldiers that used to wear this form of coat back in the late 1800s.

#4 – Two-piece suit

You’ll need to wait a while longer for the jeans to show up on this list – first you need to get a neutral-colored suit. Brown, black or grey should fit just fine, even though a dark, navy-blue could be more suitable, so you have to dare to try.

#5 – Simple sneakers

You’ll need a pair of sneakers for your favorite jeans, so pay attention during your selection. An adult man’s pair of sneakers should be simple, one-colored and clean, yet a little bashed up.

#6 – Oxford loafers

For those trying to look business-like, official yet relaxed, loafers are the prime choice. They go well with jeans, pants and suits, for practically every occasion.


#7 – Lace-up shoes

It’s advisable to get these in black and brown, or at least the latter one in order to have your colour patterns covered for multiple looks.

#8 – Slim jeans

Jeans are no longer meant solely to be worn, but also to be seen. That is why other versions of the typical pair of jeans have disappeared in history, and the slim indigo jeans are the ultimate choice for

#9 – Quality t-shirts

A good t-shirt goes perfectly with the jeans mentioned above – just make sure it’s high quality and above all clean.

#10 – Ray-ban Wayfarers

Ultimately, a contemporary man should also take care of his eyewear. The all-black simple design of the Wayfarer is perfect for both sunny and snowy weather.

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