FIlm Review: Ready Player One

I arrived late to the 2011 sci-fi best-seller and debut novel ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline. I had read that none other than the cinema demigod that is Steven Spielberg was so entranced with it that he was going to bring it to the big screen.

Cutting The Cost Of Running Your Car!

Without our cars we are well and truly stuck, we can’t get to work, get to the store, or do any of the other things we value in life efficiently, and let’s face it riding the bus is not fun!

What should be in your fridge if you’re a health blogger?

If you’re a health blogger you’ll know that when it comes to eating well, being prepared with the right ingredients in the fridge can turn your eating habits around for the better. Having the right cooking equipment can be extremely helpful too.

Music Live Review: Franc Moody

All of these qualities are wonderfully imbued in the sound of Franc Moody in a live band outfit, as if Mancuso had decided to set up a live in-house band for his gatherings.