Sponsored Video: ‘The Choir’ – Every Breathe You Take

My Mum loves Gareth Malone…

He has that certain English charm and Clark Kent understatedness that whenever he pops up on TV brandishing his baton, women of a certain age find him irresistible.

Of course, Choirmaster Gareth is best known for ‘The Choir’ a show where his skills are deployed to teach (non-musical) groups to sing with quite remarkable and sometimes life-changing results. Gareth also stars in this new video from Philips, he’s mentoring a unique group of performers from early rehearsals right through to a live recital at the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.

The eighteen individuals are unique in that, for one reason or another they have severe breathing problems, including chronic respiratory condition. The serious health issues they suffer from affect their day-to-day quality of life and for some every breathe is a physical struggle.

It’s a challenge that Gareth relishes and despite some difficult obstacles (including one of the group confusing talking with singing) his ability to coax the best from people has striking consequences.

The group sing ‘Every Breathe You Take’, by The Police and never before have the words sounded so true.

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