London cycle lanes – INFOGRAPHIC

An infographic uncovering life in a London cycle lane. Full of revealing facts about cycling in the capital, it shows both the incredible rise of cycling, some of the staggering stats about its dangers, as well as an insight into the future of cycling in London.


Mallorca – 300 Days of Sunshine

The British package holiday was pretty much invented in Mallorca and my parents went here on their honeymoon in the late sixties. That was when you couldn’t leave the country with more than £50 in your pocket and big aeroplane’s still had propellers instead of jet engines. Over time perceptions have changed and to be honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived for my first visit to the island.

Masseria San Domenico – The Heart of Puglia

Positioned forty minutes from both Brindisi and Bari airports at the top of Italy’s heal in Puglia, this former 15th century watchtower for the Knights of Malta has been a five-star luxury hotel and world class Spa since 1996. Set in 60 hectares of olive trees, Masseria San Domenico is the perfect place for the ultimate long weekend getaway. But be warned, you’ll want to stay longer.

Four days in…Reykjavik

A few years ago when filming Match Point in London, Woody Allen talked about the capitals unique colour palette, and how it gave the movie a different feel from his New York work. When we first arrived in Iceland I wondered what Woody would think of the atmospheric silvery twilight that doubles for night at this time of year, as to me it seemed a perfect cinematic backdrop.

Panama City Market

Mercado de Mariscos: Panama City’s Seafood Market

I try to plan at least one yearly visit to my home, the Miami Beach of Latin America: Panama City. I come back to see my family and friends, enjoy the warm weather and the gorgeous beaches, re-visit and make new memories; but one of the things I look forward to most forward is the food.

Clumber Park

Weekend Escapes: Clumber Park , Notts

Clumber Park is an oasis of natural beauty just a hop and a skip from Worksop, Nottinghamshire in the very heart of England. Its 3,800 acres of protected woods and parkland were originally the country estate of the Dukes of Newcastle, but is now under the ownership of the National Trust.

Presidential Apartments, London

A suite at the Presidential Apartments in the heart of Kensington is the perfect base for any last minute Christmas shopping expeditions into London.

Coco Chanel @ Le Hague

Coco Chanel was a fashion icon in her own right.A glamourpuss of the first degree, she was rarely seen without a cigarette
and string of pearls to her death in 1971. Since the conception of Chanel, it’s easy to wear separates, trademark tweed and the subtle interlocking C’s, have turned the brand into a globally recognised and respected fashion house, which has created timeless looks for generations.

Rothay Garden

Weekend Escapes: Rothay Garden, Grasmere

The landscapes of the Lake District have been inspirational to many great writers and artists over the centuries. The village of Grasmere is most famous for Dove Cottage, the one-time family home of Britain’s celebrated poet, William Wordsworth. If you are familiar with his work, this is where he actually wandered ‘lonely as a cloud’.

ellenborough park

Weekend Escapes: Ellenborough Park, Cheltenham Spa

The winding driveway that leads to the front of the house is just long enough for you to absorb the splendor of Ellenborough Park and its location. Built in the 1500’s, and originally called Southam House, King George III stayed here, and in 1833 it was sold to Edward Law, who became the 2nd Lord Ellenborough, the former Governor General of India

The Artisan Hotel: Las Vegas

Going to Las Vegas and NOT Gambling is a bit like going to the tennis at Wimbledon to eat strawberries. Unless you stay at The Artisan Hotel.

Carry on Camping

It had been over 15 years since I last slept a night under the stars so we decided to take our 5yr old daughter camping in North Norfolk and see what we were missing.