How to be the Most Stylish Snowboarder on the Slopes

How to be the Most Stylish Snowboarder on the Slopes

How to be the Most Stylish Snowboarder on the Slopes

Everything you need to be the most stylish snowboarder on the slopes Snowboarders are inherently cool. And why not? Snowboards are to skis what airpods are to traditional earphones – a style statement reserved for the more hip and happening members of society. How does one stand out in such esteemed company? Read on to learn how to establish yourself among the custodians of cool as the most stylish snowboarders on the slopes.

Our list borrows from styles past and styles present to help prevent you from committing sartorial crime or any fashion faux-pas. 

The Long Jacket

As you will soon find, a lot of the style covered on this list is also very practical in its application. Long jackets are the epitome of style on the slopes, both for the girls and guys. In the case of girls, a more form fitting jacket might be preferred for those that feel more feminine in more fitted clothing. However, for both guys and girls, a long jacket will keep the snow from trickling down their pants and that is style-saving bonus worth remembering.

Essential Sunglasses and Googling Goggles

One of the most important things to have on the slopes apart from comfortable clothing and good ski equipment is a decent pair of Ski Goggles, they will help reduce glare from the ice and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Not only that, but you can’t go for Apres-Ski without a decent pair of sunglasses either. Apart from cementing your reputation as a fashion guru to the other skiers, they will also help immensely after a nice glass of champagne or two.

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Colour Yourself Carefully – Block Colours, Not Fluoro

There was a brief period where fluoro gear seemed to be making a case for being a staple in the wardrobe of slope-sliding fashionistas. Thankfully, those loud and boisterous designs have been all but banished, save for the stubborn few snowboarders who still insist on wearing them. Subtlety is the name of the game now so for superior style you will want to opt for more subdued colours that can be accented by a pop of colour from one other piece of clothing.

Practice Makes Progress

This has less to do with clothing and everything to do with the experience. Looking great on the slopes goes hand-in-hand with being able to get from point A to point B without wiping out. It’s never a bad thing to seek out a few lessons before you take to the slopes. If anything, you will have more fun when you can manage to stay on your two feet.

Savour the Experience

How many times have you watched a Youtube video of someone snowboarding and the first-person view has captivated you enough to want to capture such moments for yourself. Despite being in the digital age of ‘Show everything to everyone’, unless you are particularly talented, feel  free to skip the go pro headset and just savour the experience.

If you absolutely must have it captured for posterity, ask a nearby friend to record you. You can thank us later.