Top Things People Are Planning Post-COVID

So. everything may still be up in the air with Covid-19 and although we are putting steps into solace to have some kind of normality, life is still very different and could be this way for a while. However slow it may be, there will be an end or a new normal in the future, so there is no harm in looking forward to the way things may be post Covid-19. 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Living through a lockdown and now facing local lockdowns and a possible second spike, citizens all over the world are starting to realize what they are missing. We often don’t realize what we are missing until it’s gone. So, what are people most looking forward to? Let’s have a look below. 

You would think that seeing friends and family would be right at the top of the list, however, with certain steps in place people have been able to catch up and have also made really good use of technology to keep up to date with loved ones. Although it does appear in this list, it’s certainly not one of the top activities of choice, could this be because of technology? Some of the top activities include: 

A Bit Of Pampering 

Yes, some beauty therapists and things like hair salons are now able to trade again, but it is with strict Covid-19 friendly guidelines. Although it may tick a box for getting that fresh feeling with a new hair cut or some nice new gel nails, it certainly doesn’t feel the same as it did pre Covid-19, definitely not as relaxing. This is one of the top things that people are looking forward to. They want to feel relaxed when they are pampered not just feel as though they are maintaining the way they look. In the meantime, why not get a few pampering bits and bobs for at home? Run yourself a nice bath after you’ve had your hair done in a COVID-friendly environment, put on a face mask, and light a few candles? 

Eating Out 

You probably heard it off many people ‘the first thing I’m doing when this is over is eating out’. However, in reality, many people have been a little reluctant to go back to eating out, even with the steps in place to help make it safer. Many people have wanted to head straight out to their favorite restaurant and pig out on their favorite foods, however, in reality, many have felt a little nervous and reluctant to follow it up. There are many new measures in place to help keep it safe, and also many discounts on offer to help get people back out and about. For a lot of people though, it’s about it feeling normal, and unfortunately, you’re not likely to get that for a while yet. 

A Good Night Out 

Pubs and clubs are fairly high up on people post-COVID list. And we’re sure that alcoholic drinks brands will be happy to hear that is high on the list. Whether it’s going out with friends, having a party, or going clubbing it’s something that many are anxious for. Yes,  we have now being allowed to enjoy a few drinks out and about but it by no means the same as before. With limits on the number of people you can meet, restrictions with distances between people at the bar, and no clubs our nights out are bound to be very different for time to come. 

Gigs And Festivals 

A lot of people have missed the festival season this year, which is a massive deal for those who go every year, as well as four the businesses that rely on these for trade year after year. It’s not a surprise that the public is craving live music in this sort of way, however, it could be a long way off yet. They are starting to put plans into place to enable smaller groups to sit together and allow for social distancing, but it is still something that is seen as a concern. Being able to see your favorite band again performing live, is high up the list for many people. You can expect any live performance tickets to sell out quickly when they are available and safe. 


Both playing and watching sports appears at the top of the list for a lot of people. Loyal fans have been checking out The 2020 NHL Playoffs Preview and Predictions, and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to go and support their favorite team/s in person instead of watching them from behind closed doors. With people also been encouraged to get a good amount of exercise during this time, it will be interesting to see how many people are looking forward to taking up a new sport or just get back to their normal routine. The simple things like this are what a lot of people took for granted. 

Making No Changes 

This one will surprise some, however, this time at home as suited some people just fine. They have enjoyed the quiet time, the extra time with their families, and have been able to appreciate the things that they maybe didn’t before Covid-19. This time has made people realize what is important and therefore will take some of these changes with them for post-COVID. 


Yes, we are able to travel now, however, there are a lot of different restrictions in place all across the globe, and also the potential of needing to self-isolate when you return. The timing of Covid-19 has been, let’s say, very inconvenient for all the people who usually take a summer break away. And it has kicked off the train of thought for when it will actually be normal and safe to travel again. The travel industry has been one of the most impacted by COVID and will continue to struggle for a while. 

One thing for sure is that a lot of people are already making a new plan for post-COVID, however, some of the plans they are making are also adapted to the ‘new normal’ We have to face the fact that things may be different for a long time, and something may even change forever.