Planning the Ideal Girls’ Road Trip in the UK

A road trip anywhere in the world makes for the ideal recipe to create memories that last a lifetime, made all the better with the addition of your best friends. The ultimate girls trip consists of laughs a minute, once in a lifetime experience, good food and time for the odd spa session.

So, what is a girl to do when she has a car, a tank full of fuel, her best friends and the roads of the United Kingdom at her disposal? As opposed to the great road trips of the United States of America, the geography of the UK means that you don’t need to allow quite so much time to travel around the island, but neither do you want to drop in without so much as getting acquainted with your surroundings, either.

Here, we will give you our advice to make your UK girls road trip a memorable one.

Plan in Advance

First thing’s first, you must plan your trip in the same way you would any journey or getaway. You cannot, and absolutely should not, expect to hire a car for a week and begin a road trip without any idea as to where you are headed. Without a plan, you risk missing out on so much that the country has to offer, as well as spending far too much on fuel by taking the least economical route to each destination.

You also need to know what to pack and any other essentials you may need. Finances also play a key part because, if you haven’t a clue about what you are planning to do and when, how can you possibly budget for your trip? Consider what you and the group as a whole want from the trip and work it in to a plan that you can take into your adventure.

Cities You Must Visit

Glasgow – There’s not much better place to begin your road trip than in one of Scotland’s most historical cities. Not just that, why not get set for your adventure with a pre-road trip spa break in Glasgow, gearing you up for the miles ahead?

Edinburgh – Your next logical destination is, of course, the Scottish capital. Edinburgh is a welcoming city for tourists with plenty of sightseeing opportunity, as well as more than adequate accommodation to rest your head before crossing the border in the morning.

Newcastle – As you venture onto English soil, Newcastle is the first major city you will find yourself in. The Metro Centre is a fantastic spot for a bite to eat, as well as the potential for more than just a spot of retail therapy. You can choose to spend the night on Tyneside, experiencing the city’s famous nightlife, or set off on in the direction of your next destination.

Liverpool – On your way towards Merseyside in the North West of England, you will pass through both Leeds and Manchester; by all means take the time to visit these cities, but if you are trying to stick to a schedule then we recommend heading straight through to Liverpool. Home of The Beatles and Liverpool Football Club, you will soon find that music and football are two passions that you will never be more than a stone’s throw away from. 

Birmingham – It’s time to bring your road trip into the Midlands and, with that, there is no better place to visit than Birmingham, affectionately known as England’s second city. Here, you can again get your shop on at the famous Bullring Shopping Centre. We would recommend finding somewhere to park the car and navigate your way on public transport with the city having more than adequate rail connections…as a tourist you probably won’t want to navigate the roads in Birmingham.

Cambridge – As you slowly move further south your next stop should be Cambridge, which is of course most famous for its university. You will soon find that many of the locals opt for cycling to get around, which can make driving around Cambridge, particularly in the city centre, somewhat tedious. With plenty of open green space, this historical city makes for an ideal spot to kick back and relax with a nice drink or two. 

Oxford – From one famous university to another; Oxford you will find to hold many more similarities to Cambridge than academia. With plenty of history to discover, this is the part of the road trip where you are easing into the closing stages, allowing you to enjoy the company of your friendship group.

Brighton – You will notice that we have completely left out London and it is with good reason; you absolutely do not want to drive around London as it is nothing short of a nightmare. Neither do you want to drive on the dreaded M25 ring road that surrounds the capital city…trust us on this, you do not. That’s why we highly recommend heading to Brighton from Oxford, as the beautiful seaside town is an ideal spot the spend the remaining day or so of your trip.

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