How To Prepare For A UK Stag Do

While preparing for an upcoming wedding, stag do is one of the most precious events for the groom to be. It’s the one and only time, before the wedding, when he can blow off some steam and party with his friends.

Gaming Review: GRIP

For anyone familiar with the 1999 title Rollcage you’ll find some striking resemblances visually and physically

Fashion: Peekaboo Vintage

Thanks to social media anyone can be a model. Size, shape, nationality and gender alignment have opened up a new world for fashion demographics, and how and what we wear is not dictated by what we see only on the catwalks.

Travel: Hilton, Bankside Hotel, London

After a quick freshen up we head downstairs to The Distillery (above). Situated on the site of an old essence factory  there is table service and over 50 different kinds of Gin available, it’s just a shame I don’t like Gin that much.

Film: The Christmas Chronicles

One of the best things about Christmas when I was a kid was it was the only time of year when there was something decent on TV.

Tech Review: Shadow by Blade

It’s pretty simple, all you need is an internet ready device and a steady stream of Internet anything from 5 mb/s of speed will work but for best results I would aim upward of 15 mb.

Film: Escape From New York – 4K Blu-ray Review

Continuing the INCREDIBLE StudioCanal 4K series of John Carpenter classics restorations, up next, cruising down Dystopia Street (the complete opposite of Seasame Street) with a steel spiked biker boot swagger and chandeliers for hood ornaments (hopefully available for my bike soon), we have the supremely wonderful Escape from New York (1981)

Travel: The East London Hotel, London – A Bethnal Green Base

Ok, so as for the East London Hotel itself, it’s shiny and brand new having opened only last month (Oct 2018). It’s located opposite the V&A Museum of Childhood  on Cambridge Heath Rd (free entry btw), just a 2 minute walk from Bethnal Green Tube Station.

Live Review: GoGo Penguin @ Albert Hall, London

With a score that is etherial, industrial, mechanical, organic, chaos and purity all at once, there is a godlike knitting session being cast, taking atomic yarn from a great many influences, encompassing every single note, colour, texture of what actually makes up every facet of life, time, existence, nature and science.