Key Tips on Choosing a Dress for Your Body Shape

In an ideal world, you would probably look gorgeous in every outfit that appealed to you. But then, reality tells a different story. When you try on a dress you like, sometimes what you see in the mirror isn’t what you imagined at all.

Have you ever wondered why Kim Kardashian looks so stunning in a body-hugging pencil skirt and crop top, and you don’t? Or why you can’t pull off a pair of square pants as well as your friend even if you’re about the same height? Maybe it’s confidence. More likely, it’s your body shape. Your hips, waist, and bust sizes do matter when you want to pick a dress and look gorgeous in it.

What shape are you? Some fashion tips for every shape

While there is no known standard for the perfect size or the perfect body, there is a way to find that dress that fits you to a T. It’s a matter of playing up your positive features and cleverly hiding the not-so-good ones. Before you can do this, you have to know what body shape category you belong.


You have a pear shape if you are endowed with full hips that are wider than your bust. Your thighs and rear are also full. Your waist is well defined, and your elegant neck is in proportion with your slim shoulders and arms. When you gain weight, you first notice it on the lower part of your body. When you buy clothes, your top and bottom sizes are not of the same size.
Because the upper part of your body is relatively smaller, aim to add volume while drawing attention to your waistline. To create the illusion of balance, wear clothes that de-emphasize the lower body. You can achieve this by:

Favoring two-piece dresses. Opt for tops in bold and bright colors, paired with skirts or pants in darker shades. Draw attention to the shoulders by making use of scarves and statement necklaces.Making your shoulders appear broader with off-shoulder and boat-neck tops.Avoid capri pants and pencil skirts. Instead, go for A-line styles and tailored trousers.


While some stylists refer to the pear as the triangle, the apple’s form is considered comparable to an inverted triangle. The most distinctive feature of the apple shape is a thick waist; hence, it’s not as well defined as that of the pear. The width of your shoulders is greater than the hips. Overall, you look well proportioned.
To play down a thick midsection, make your torso appear longer. You should also consider making your shoulders look broader. By doing this, everything below it will look narrower. Whether you’re shopping at Forever 21 or renting it from The Volte Dress Hire, these fashion dos and don’ts will help you choose your next party getup:

Empire waist dresses with V-necks work great in drawing the eyes away from your waist.Three-fourths and full-length sleeves are more flattering to the upper body than sleeveless dresses that display fuller arms.Choose tops that cover the stomach area and extend to mid-hip.Skinny jeans are not a good option if you are top heavy. Pants with wider legs will look better on you.



The term itself is a very apt description of the curvy shape. You can easily tell if you possess this shape through a defined waist. Similar to the hourglass’ silhouette, your hips and bust have more or less the same measurements.
If you’ve been blessed with an hourglass shape, accentuate your best feature – your waist. It’s also important to keep the balance in the proportions. Keep these tips in mind:

Go ahead and wear figure-hugging tops. Enhance the waist further with a belt.Wrap-style blouses and dresses will make your hourglass figure more noticeable.Loose, baggy clothes are a no-no because they hide your best assets.You can wear any cut of skirt or pants as long as you match them with appropriate tops.



This body type is likened to a rectangle’s outline. You can be described as athletic if you are evenly proportioned throughout, with your hips as wide as your shoulders, and minimal or no curves at the waist.
Don’t worry if you don’t have natural curves. Shape-appropriate clothes, along with the right accessories, can create them for you.

Make use of peplum jackets to produce a curvier silhouette.V-neck tops are best worn by women with ample breasts. On you, bandeau or scoop necks will look better. You can add depth by layering necklaces.A bra that provides good breast support will make the waist look more defined.Choose bottoms that help create an hourglass silhouette, like bubble skirts and pants with flap pockets.

No two women are shaped exactly alike, and your body is different from the others. It’s part of your individuality. The shapes described above are general, so if you think that you don’t belong to any, that’s fine. Actually, most women have body shapes that cut across two or more categories. The categories are meant to serve as basics to help you choose better-fitting clothes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match until you find the best combination that suits your unique body shape.

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