Film: The Christmas Chronicles

One of the best things about Christmas when I was a kid was it was the only time of year when there was something decent on TV.

Charlie Brown, Star Wars, Steptoe & Son movies. It used to take films YEARS to make it to one of the three main channels, so it was really exciting when a real Blockbuster came on.

Things are a bit different these days and a new movie can go from the big screen to the small screen in a matter of weeks. Netflix meanwhile has become such a big player that they’re commissioning and making more movies for than any Hollywood studio.

Step forward their Christmas movie for 2018 – The Christmas Chronicles


Produced by Chris ‘Home Alone’ Columbus and directed by Clay ‘Angry Birds’ Kaytis, The Christmas Chronicles is available to watch on the streaming service globally from Thursday (22nd Nov) and thus avoids the need to go to the cinema completely, which in a way is a shame because The Christmas Chronicles is one of those feel-good Christmasy movies that does actually stand up to the big screen test.

Sister and Brother, Kate (Darby Camp) and Teddy Pierce (Judah Lewis) attempt to capture Santa on camera delivering presents on Christmas Eve and although initially their mission goes well, as a result of their actions things don’t quite go to plan for Santa (jollily played by Kurt Russel) and it’s up to them to help save the Spirit of Christmas.


Director Kaytis injects real verve and dynamism into the action sequences and a strong cast and some great cameos enable the suspension of all our everyday woes for throughout its entire duration. Treading a nice balance between mild jeopardy and silliness the movie keeps you interested without upsetting the younger ones, which is what all good Christmas moves should do.

It wouldn’t be a spoiler to say the story isn’t too groundbreaking in its originality, however there is a certain ‘sherry and mince pie glow’ to be had from watching this film, especially if there is snow outside and it has Christmas family favourite written all over it. Incidentally, the kids who I saw it with at the screening LOVED it.

The Christmas Chronicles

For me, although it is a bit Hallmark Channely (which I like for Xmas movies), The Santa Chronicles is almost good enough to take its place besides Elf, The Polar Express, Home Alone and The Grinch as a future Christmas classic and the best thing is you can watch it on Christmas day this year (as long was you have Netflix).

The Santa Chronicles is out globally on Netlix from Thursday 22nd Nov.