How To Prepare For A UK Stag Do

While preparing for an upcoming wedding, stag do is one of the most precious events for the groom to be.

It’s the one and only time, before the wedding, when he can blow off some steam and party with his friends. Organising and hosting a stag do is the responsibility of the best man and other friends of the groom.

The United Kingdom is a popular choice among men for a destination stag do. Some of the top UK destinations which are a favourite among stag gangs are:


There are many locations in UK where you can have a great stag do but the above mentioned locations are some of the commonly preferred choices.

A destination stag do in UK requires some advance planning by the stag gang if you want to have a smooth and comfortable stag night without any kind of last minute hassles. Here are some tips to help you prepare well for your UK stag do.

Guest List

For a destination stag do, it’s better if the guest list is short and comprises of very close people. You might want to discuss the guest list with the groom before you send out the invitations for the stag do. Make sure you include people who are close to the groom and don’t end up inviting someone who the groom may not want. So it’s always better to finalise the guest list for the stag do with the groom.

Dates of the Stag Do

The dates of the stag do will depend on the schedule of the groom and the rest of the stag gang. Don’t send out the invites without discussing the probable date of the stag do with the rest of the gang. Also, it’s important that you don’t plan the stag do very close to the wedding date. The groom will need some time to get over the stag hangover and relax for a few days before he has to stand at the aisle and say ‘i do’.


Fixing a budget for the stag do is very important because a lot of your other decisions about the stag do, will depend on the budget that you set. Make sure that the budget that you and the rest of the stag gang decide on, is affordable and comfortable for all. Don’t force a budget on anyone and let everyone contribute the share they can, without burning a hole in their pockets.

Stag Do Location in UK

Deciding on a stag do location in the UK will depend a lot on your budget and the stag do activities you want to plan for the weekend. Check out the transportation costs, the accommodation costs and costs of other essentials like alcohol, food etc. to make a decision about your location. You might also want to check out places in UK that may have special events which you can then include in your stag do itinerary. Also, make sure you take the groom’s interest into consideration when deciding on a stag do location in UK.

Transport and Accommodation

Make arrangements for your airport transfers and other transport well in advance and don’t depend on any last minute arrangements. The same goes for hotel bookings. Book your hotels and other accommodation arrangements in advance without leaving it for the last minute. For a cheaper deal on hotels and transport arrangements, advance bookings are the way to go.


A destination stag do in UK will be a lot more fun and different than a stag do in your hometown. It will be the perfect opportunity to explore a new place, get a taste of the British culture and also have a great time with your friends, especially the groom, before the wedding. Plan all the stag activities, events and pranks in advance so that you don’t have to bother with any of the arrangements once you’ve arrived at the destination.