How To Stand Out At Prom This Year

Everyone wants to stand out at prom and make the best possible impression. Of course, this is not always easy when there are so many other girls trying to achieve the same thing.

If you want to stand out at prom this year, then we have good news because we have put together a guide of how you can. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more and remember that you should only pick one or two of these ideas to achieve the best effect.

Go Vintage

Everyone loves a vintage dress because they had a lot of style back then and vintage looks can be really trendy. On top of this, when you choose a vintage dress, you can be sure that no one else is going to be wearing the same thing as you. If you want to stand out this year at prom then take a look in your mom’s wardrobe or head to your local vintage store. All of your friends will be jealous of your vintage gown and you are sure to stand out on the big night.

Wear A Suit

If you want to go against the norm and stand out from the moment you walk into prom then you should think about wearing a suit. It is actually a lot more common for girls to be wearing suits to formal occasions and you will find that a lot of celebrities are trying out this exciting trend. If you are going to go for a suit, then make sure that you get a fitted one and make it look amazing on you. Everyone will notice you as soon as you walk in and you will be sure to get a nomination for prom queen.

Go For A Two Piece Dress

Another great way to stand out at prom this year and look amazing at the same time is to try a two piece dress. Two-piece prom dresses are becoming a lot more popular recently, but they are still not the most popular option meaning that you will stand out at your prom if you buy one. The JOVANI two piece dresses are a personal favourite and can look very glamorous on girls who are heading off to prom. Don’t be afraid to try something new for your prom dress if you want to really stand out.

Match Your Date

If you have a date for your prom then why not consider matching with their outfit? Usually, dates will have various elements of their suit or dress that match but it is not always obvious who is with who. If you want to really stand out and make an impression, then you could think about going shopping together and finding a suit and dress that is made from the same material or colour. As you walk into the prom all eyes will be on you and your date so make sure to consider this for your prom.

Wear Dramatic Makeup

If you like to wear makeup, then you might be interested in our next tip for standing out on prom night. Makeup can be very dramatic and if you know how to do it right then you could really make a big impression on your prom night. If you aren’t very experienced in doing dramatic makeup, then you should think about hiring a makeup artist who can help you to create the look that you are looking for. Think about choosing a bold eye or lip, but don’t go too overboard.

Make A Statement With Your Hair

Our final tip for those who want to stand out at their prom is to make a statement with your hair. Try to stay away from the usual updo or long hair curled and go for something a little different. If you look online, you’ll find some of the more over the top hairstyles that can really make you stand out on your prom night. Make sure to get a professional to help you with this if you really want to create an exciting look and have it last throughout the night. Make sure not to choose a dramatic hairstyle and makeup as this might come across as a little too much.

Final Thoughts….. If you are hoping to stand out on prom night, then you should make sure to follow some of the advice that we have given you in this article. Think about trying out something new with your prom outfit and trying a two-piece dress or a suit that is tailored to fit you. you should also think about your hair and makeup and see if you can do something a little different. Try some of these out and you will definitely stand out on prom night.