The Most Spectacular Jewelry in Films

There are many aspects that create a successful film, among them the cinematography, the script, the actors and the plot. But there are some unexpected characteristics that can take a film from great to spectacular. One such item is surprisingly, jewelry. After all, Titanic would not have been the same without the heart of the ocean necklace, now would it?

Amazing Stories of Roulette Wins

For many, roulette is the ultimate gamble. Whether in reality or on film, most of us have nervously watched a player bet it all on the outcome of the wheel’s spin; and wished we had the guts (some would say stupidity!) to do it ourselves

A Review Of The Batman Game

The game itself is made of 5 reels, 50 paylines which is generous in itself, plus the option to place really low bets makes this an attractive game for beginners, Batman fans and seasoned professionals. With chances of winning up to 100X, what are you waiting for?

Fashion Trends Inspired by our Favourite Movies

Fashion, like every art form, takes its inspiration from everything in the world. You only have to look at the runways from each seasons fashion week to see pieces that reflect nature, music and of course the movies.

Best Games of 2013

The year’s nowhere near over yet but 2013 has already seen a wealth of great video games. And we’ve still got the highly-anticipated release of two new consoles to look forward to, with a shedload of beautiful, next-gen games

Why I Enjoy Gaming Apps

Let’s take a moment away from our day to day lives for just a second. Yes, the hustle and bustle of daily living can reduce any one of us to become proverbial slaves to the grind, but there are ways of taking the edge off of it.

Timeless Cocktails to Pay Homage to the Gatsby Era

Blanketed in impeccable style and glamour, Baz Lurhmans’ extravagant revival of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic has us all abuzz with the decadence of the 1920s. From spectator shoes, to feathered headpieces, to linen suits that were tailored to perfection, the anticipation building up to this release makes us long for the days when we can slip into our glad rags and dance the night away with a smooth cocktail underneath the moonlit night.