The Most Spectacular Jewelry in Films

Titanic JewelryThere are many aspects that create a successful film, among them the cinematography, the script, the actors and the plot. But there are some unexpected characteristics that can take a film from great to spectacular. One such item is surprisingly, jewelry. After all, Titanic would not have been the same without the heart of the ocean necklace, now would it?

Here are some of the most memorable jewelry items that have made the films they are displayed in, famous.

This had to be the number one item of jewelry in this article. It is memorable for it’s decadent beauty, but most of all it was integral to the overall story. The Heart of the Ocean necklace is iconic for it’s deep sapphire blue and diamond combination, one that has been replicated many times since.

It’s classic Edwardian style and the overall sparkle on screen is not the only reason it became such an iconic item. It was also the love story that went along with it, and let’s face it: it’s linked to one of the most beautiful love stories.

There are many places you can get your own necklace similar to the Heart of the Ocean, like this one from Michael Hill. This way you can make your own love story to go with it.

The Other Boleyn GirlThe Other Boleyn Girl

Many of us have had a signature, letter necklace over the years and they have been on the small screen over and over again.

From Carrie Bradshaw’s name necklace all the way through to the ‘B’ necklace in the Other Boleyn Girl. The cinematography in this film is so visually stunning that it could easily be a painting, so the petite and feminine necklaces that are worn really stand out on the screen – none more so than the ‘B’ necklace worn by Natalie Portman.

This film single-handedly led to an increase in sales of necklaces that display our initials, which can only be a good thing.

The Lord of the Rings

One ring to rule them all; the words tell all about the One ring that controls the entirety of the Lord of the Rings book and films.

With such weight upon an item of jewelry it is no wonder that there we were going to see an influx in similar rings being made for weddings and fashion. It is the power of the ring that made it so mystical and well placed in film history.

mockingjaypinThe Hunger Games
Vintage pins are huge this season especially those that display birds. Much of this is down to the blockbuster Hunger Games film. The singular fact that the mocking jay pin is given to Katniss for strength and protection has led to many of us looking for something similar.

As with the other films mentioned here, this pin is not only visually stunning, it also has a story that sheds my life and personality into it. This has lead to a rise in vintage brooches that have a clear back-story.

Moulin Rouge
Last but by no means least, is the diamond necklace from Moulin Rouge. This is one necklace that can only be described as dripping in decadence. It is literally a piece of sculpture that is worn as a symbol of love and attraction; so it is obvious that we were all going to fall in love with it!

Moulin Rouge

This, like the heart of the ocean, has been replicated hundreds of times so that we can all take a little bit of the film away with us.