Why I Enjoy Gaming Apps

Let’s take a moment away from our day to day lives for just a second. Yes, the hustle and bustle of daily living can reduce any one of us to become proverbial slaves to the grind, but there are ways of taking the edge off of it. Many of us engage in hobbies to re balance ourselves and bring a sense of wholeness back into our lives. Me, I enjoy playing gaming apps to do just that.

Because of their portable nature, I’m able to bring my mobile devices along with me as I make the daily commute to work. This is where gaming apps for me shine. Long gone are the days when I was forced to carelessly gaze outside of the window of the Underground and see the sights that I became all too familiar with on a regular basis. Now, I can transport myself to a more enjoyable ride to and from my job. They can also be used as conversation starters, too. So, what are some gaming apps I’d recommend for these particular purposes?


Real Racing GTI
Perhaps one of the best visual experiences for the iOS, Real Racing GTI accurately replicates the sorely missed arcade experience on a handheld device quite well. The standard racing modes including time trial, exhibition, and tournament are on offer in this game, but something I find interesting is that the races themselves are hardly the quick runs that many players familiar with the racing genre know of. Real Racing GTI is actually an involved racing game that passes the time on the tube quite well. However, it’s quite easy for me to be bombarded with the idea that I need to buy in-game power ups in order to succeed. I don’t succumb to this all that often, but the thought certainly crosses my mind on more difficult stages.

Lux Touch
Strategists who enjoy board games will recognize this title as a Risk clone. Yes, the global domination game can be experienced on a mobile device, which makes it quite suitable for commutes and the regular delays often associated with them. Unfortunately, I don’t find the computer opponent all that difficult to outwit, which is a comment that seems widespread within the mobile gaming world. However, for the time it passes, it’s certainly something worth picking up in my opinion.

Rush Poker
Poker is a game that’s quite hard to avoid nowadays, but for very good reason. Its popularity ensures that I’m never far away from a wealth of competition and I quite enjoy multiplayer gaming. Now, the concept of Rush Poker might seem a bit foreign to poker enthusiasts because it’s a relatively new idea in the poker world. When players fold, they’d normally be forced to sit by and wait for the table to finish their hand. Not anymore! Rush Poker immediately transports players to a new table of players to play a fresh hand right away. This quickly passes the time for me and is perhaps my favourite gaming app to take on the road with me.