Timeless Cocktails to Pay Homage to the Gatsby Era

Blanketed in impeccable style and glamour, Baz Lurhmans’ extravagant revival of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic has us all abuzz with the decadence of the 1920s. From spectator shoes, to feathered headpieces, to linen suits that were tailored to perfection, the anticipation building up to this release makes us long for the days when we can slip into our glad rags and dance the night away with a smooth cocktail underneath the moonlit night.

The Great Gatsby

Set against the glamorous backdrop of the jazz era, The Great Gatsby embodies the essence of opulence. With a mix of high society and self-made ambition, Jay Gatsby, our leading man, throws glamorous soirées that attract the young and the beautiful from all over New York City. Throngs of guests flock to indulge in the extravagance, while melting into an ambiance brimming with bootleg spirits and unquestionable charm. Beautifully clad women zip across green lawns, and elegantly sip ice-cold gin, while well-coiffed men smoke thick cigars and drink invigorating potions. Laughter and music fill the air while everyone indulges in hedonism—all with cocktail in tow. In essence, Gatsby knows how to throw a truly epic party.

But lavish celebrations like these aren’t just for the pages of timeless literature. In fact, we’re in the mind to say that every celebration should give a little nod to Gatsby and we’ve found the best way to honour this memorable scene is with a modern twist on an old classic.

A prohibition darling, the gin rickey, was a favourite of the famed author Fitzgerald, and was even laced into the pages of his literary masterpiece. The quintessential cocktail mixes gin, simple syrup, ice and fresh lime-juice to create a taste that will have you wistfully thinking of flappers and Bakelite bangles in no time. The southside cocktail is another one that will take you back in time. A favourite of bathtub booze bootleggers, the refreshing retro cocktail is made from gin muddled mint leaves, lime juice and sugar syrup.

The Great Gatsby

The 1920s were a decade of luxurious celebration of dizzying days and decadent evenings. Cocktails were in high fashion, salacious scandal filled love lives, and all in an environment of lavish art deco. The roaring twenties basked in wild refinement, and The Great Gatsby is the epitome of this exciting time. So relive the Roaring Twenties with a classic cocktail and some upbeat jazz. Throw a big party, or an intimate get-together and recreate the romance of Gatsby and Daisy, while you raise your glasses to make a toast to the finer things in life.

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