Fashion Trends Inspired by our Favourite Movies

Fashion, like every art form, takes its inspiration from everything in the world. You only have to look at the runways from each seasons fashion week to see pieces that reflect nature, music and of course the movies.

Last years breakthrough movie inspired trend was the Flapper after the release of the Great Gatsby. Whether your wardrobe takes its inspiration from the movies you grew up with, or you are a fan of the here and now, here is your guide to fashion trends that have taken their roots from our favourite films.

The Sting – 1973
Get your casino inspired fashion from the trailer…….

When we think about the evolution of fashion trends, many of us believe that the current vintage inspired trends is a modern phenomenon. This is not entirely true and The Sting is proof that way back in the 70’s women were flocking to grab 1930’s inspired clothing. Set in 1930’s Chicago, The Sting was one of the first casino based films to mix the glamour of the games in with side aching comedy. This was also the movie that brought the 30’s cocktail dress back to the forefront of women’s wear, along with the classic tailored suit for the gentlemen out there. The best way to take on this decadent casino style, is to grab your ankle grazing, cocktail dress and check out the Casino Las Vegas Blog for some tips to help you win BIG.
If you are looking for some vintage inspiration, then look no further than this classic comedy!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – 2009 and 2011 (both are gloriously rock and roll)
See the trailer now….

If you haven’t had the chance to watch either versions of this fantastic movie, then you are missing out on a whole new take on biker chic fashion, oh and it’s a great movie too. Everything in this epic drama is dark, from the black leather shorts through to the studded biker jackets; it is effortless rock and roll at its best. This is not just a movie that inspired us to grab a pair of Dr Martins, not this movie inspired a full clothing collection by H&M that included acid wash jeans, the chunkiest boots the high street has seen and of course the pleather jacket.
The best bit – H&M has never really lost this edgy trend since they released the collection in 2011.

Flashdance – 1983
Learn to dance, watch the trailer…..

What fashion inspired by the movies article would be complete without the ultimate 80’s dance movie? Flashdance is iconic for its leading ladies chair dance, romance and leg warmers, it is a movie that brought the iconic workout gear of the 80’s into the spotlight and it has never left. This one has it all, from heavy duty shoulder pads to sweat bands and everything in between; our gym wear has never been the same since. This year saw the return of the neon trainer and off the shoulder baggy T Shirt, direct references from this movie, for which we are all so glad to see back. Next time you head out to the gym, look at your outfit and I am sure you will see a connection even if it’s only from your scrunchy.