How Movies Influence What We Wear

As with the majority of art forms, fashion designers find inspiration from many things -nature, music and films. Many of the items found in our closets have taken their initial designs from our favorite TV shows and movies; you only have to look at this seasons flapper inspired dresses and make the connection between them and the release of the Great Gatsby, to see the connection.

How Movies Infuence Fashion

So here are some of the most creative fashion trends to have had their birth from some of our favorite movies.


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Who would have thought that clueless would be celebrating its 18th birthday this year? The classic American, chick flick, is one of the best sources of fashion you can find in the movies. Famed for the characters unique sense of dress and for the endless fashion conversations, Clueless could not be missed off this list. This is the one film mentioned here, that doesn’t have a direct brand reference to offer, fashion inspired by the film can literally be seen everywhere. This was the first movie to bring us heavy graphics, preppy chic and of course the bold blazer. Think Gossip Girl meets art class and you will get the idea. A/W 2013 is set to see a return of preppy chic, with a difference. Moving away from plain colours and into the realms of bright, bold, matching patterns – excited? We are.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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We have all seen the film and it is fantastic, but what many of us have taken away is the edgy, black leather ensembles and hint of biker chick. From the hairstyles, through to the heavy metal biker boots, everyone wanted the jackets and skin tight tank tops. As soon as the film hit the big time, the stores were inundated with biker boots, acid wash jeans and of course, the leather biker jacket.

The main brand to take on the film was H&M, who released their collection back in 2011. The most interesting part is that they have never really lost the collection from their stores. They are still one of the budget friendly stores to stock the pleather look and rock chic vibe.


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The iconic sports film of the 80’s has had a revival over the past few seasons and rightly so. As with anything in fashion, the eras come back around, with the 80’s hitting us hard this year. If you haven’t seen Flashdance, then you really need to. Even if you are not a fan of gyms and dancing, the fashion inspiration will scream at you through your TV. From leg warmers all the way through to off the shoulder workout wear. If you want to look effortlessly stylish, whilst working up a sweat, then this is the film for you. Since the film has come back into the spotlight, the hints of the 80’s can be seen throughout the majority of sportswear; take a look at the Lorna Jane gym wear collection and you will see what we mean.

If you are looking to channel the Flashdance flare into your workout wardrobe, then you need to grab a scrunchy, some leg warmers and an oversized T Shirt = perfect.

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