Abnormal – Win a Ltd Edition T-Shirt

It’s tough out there in the big bad world of business. At Flush the Fashion we support the independents we like as much as possible. Without them life would be a much duller place.

Marilyn @Getty Images, London

To commemorate 50 years since Marilyn Monroe tragically died Getty Images in association with David Gainsborough Roberts are displaying iconic images alongside original dresses and costumes worn by Marilyn at their gallery in central London.

Artransmitte – Art Imitating Life

Artransmitte is one of those cool websites that sells things you don’t see anywhere else. Imagine if Toys R Us had been taken over by Banksy, and you will start to get the idea. We also have 2 of their ACE LTD Edition T-shirts to give away.

Win a Bad Mutha F****r Wallet

I came across these Bad Mutha F****r Wallets the other day and apart from REALLY wanting one, thought they would make some really cool competition prizes, so Flush the Fashion have 3 to give away.