Fanny Maurer AKA Lady Diamond

Sometimes we feature people on Flush the Fashion because they are incredibly talented or interesting or knowledgeable about a specific subject.

Fanny Maurer AKA Lady Diamond, is a young French Model with some cool tattoo’s. She is currently in huge demand with photographers across the world. Behind the camera she is also a successful make-up artist. She took a break from her exhausting schedule to speak with me.

Lady DiamondWhen did you have your first tattoo?
6 years ago.

Do you ever regret having your tattoos?
I just regret those on my feet but I’m getting covered up.

Which is your fav tattoo?
The one on my hand!

Do you have a fav photographer?
Tons! Christian Saint, Bruno Dayan, Thomas Lavelle. Mostly French ones.

What is your least favourite part of your body?
My legs.

Where do you buy your clothes?
Kinda everywhere, I also order alot of my stuff online.

Do you have a quick make-up tip?
Black mascara and black pen. always necessary.

Do people assume you are stupid if you are a model?
haha, no. this would be the stupid thing here!

Can you cook ?
No, I can’t

Who is on your stereo at the moment?
Right now Guns n’ Roses are playing.

If you could be someone else for a day who would it be?
It’s already pretty hard to be myself so I’d like to be nobody else.

Where are you happiest?
Anywhere if I’m with my boyfriend.

Lady Diamond

Lady Diamond

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It was all going so well until she mentioned her boyfriend!! Oh well, never mind.

Fanny keeps in touch with her many fans via her facebook page here
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