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Norwich is a great place to live, excellent music venues, tons of nice places to eat, the people are friendly and the air is clean. It is also the home of Dark Bunny Tees, a company that sell awesome movie inspired T-Shirts. According to Simon Pegg they are ‘Infinite Sartorial Cool’.

We caught up with the brains behind the bunny, Alex Chenery,

Clockwork Orange T-Shirt Dark BunnyWhere does the name Dark Bunny come from?
A lot of people think that Dark Bunny refers to Frank in Donnie Darko. While it does fit perfectly with the nature of my business, it actually refers to my old illustration business, Dark Bunny Illustration. The ‘Dark Bunny’ actually comes from the very first character I designed when I was about 12. He was an ultra violent, gun-for-hire rabbit, called Flem, who also had mixamatosis. I was pretty dark from an early age.

How long has Dark Bunny Tees been going for?
Scarily, 1 and a half years..I set Dark Bunny Tees up in September 2009. It was intended to just tick over as bread and butter money while I continued to illustrate. Little did I know it would consume my soul…..in a good way.

What was the first t shirt you did?
My first design was the Emmett’s Custom Auto’s design. It was a homage to Back to the Future and it really set the the tone and angle of Dark Bunny Tees designs. I was a big fan of the Chop Shop and American Chopper reality shows at the time and wanted to do a Delorean based logo design, imagining Doc Brown performing the ultimate pimping of rides.

What is your top selling t shirt?
It really does vary to be honest. When I bring out a new one there is always a lot of interest, but it really depends on who spots it and helps me promote it. The Hot Fuzz one was recommended by Simon Pegg himself on Twitter, so that went crazy for a while!

Hot Fuzz T- shirt - Dark Bunny

How do you come up with your ideas?
They kind of just come to me really. I’m always re-watching my favourite movies and can’t help but look for an idea, I never switch off. Each design is pretty much based around a key moment in the movie, one that a fan will appreciate. I’ll then jump straight into illustrator & photoshop to expand on that idea. A lot of the design elements just come to me as I am actually putting it together. I also use the internet to research each movie quite a lot, from images, quotes & trivia.

What is your fav t-shirt?
That’s a tough one. I love all my designs and each one has been tremendous fun to put together and see the response from fellow film fanatics. If I had to pick one or two, I would say my Baseball Furies is definitely a favourite, along with the new 5 t-shirt Rocky Collection (below) which I put together with my brother-in-law Simon.

Rocky Dark Bunny T-Shirt

Are you working any new designs?
The new Se7en one (below) is a design I have wanted to do for AGES, but finally got that done this month and I am really pleased with it. Also Leon is another I have just put out for pre-order this week, that seems to have had some very positive comments. Coming up in the next month or so there are Stand By Me & Time Bandit designs and after that, well who knows. I have a list of ‘must dos’ that is growing by the day…..

What is your fav movie?
The hardest question to ask a movie fanatic…..I have favourite movies for different moods & different reason, but definite all-time faves are Aliens, Gremlins & Shaun of the Dead….

Se7en T-shirt - Dark Bunny

Finally, where is the best place to eat in Norwich?
As a parent of 3 year old twins and work-a-holic, my knowledge of eateries is limited to take-aways. However, when I do venture out my first choice would be a huge double-stacked burger (any style will do) from Zak’s….

I can vouch for the Zak’s burgers I’ve tried one and they are pretty good, they do a mean chilli too! Check out all of their T-Shirts at www.darkbunnytees.com

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