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We did a interview with DJ and Model Notorious Ang recently and she was telling us about a great new website she buys a lot of her clothes and shoes from.

We got in touch with Razor Barbie and asked Larissa D for a bit more info on .

How long has Razor Barbie been going?
Our actual website has been up for 9 months and we had 3 months of testing before going live. In terms of selling our type of merchandise the five of us have been doing it for about 4 years before we decided to team up and form Razor Barbie.

We now consist of 5 members. Two fashion designers, two customer service representatives, and one web geek. Our goal was to create one site where clients could pick up ‘alternative’ shoes, dresses and accessories all at one time, while providing great customer service and contests.

Are we trying to stand out from other online retailers?
Bet your ass.

What are your best sellers?
This really changes day to day but some style of shoes are always at the top. We try and have the best variety of Goth and Pinup style around and currently have over 3000 styles available. A regular top seller is the Demonia and Bordello brand. A very close second are the custom dresses we now offer and are slowly rolling out. We will soon average adding 3-4 new styles each day to keep everything looking fresh.

Do you design and make alot of the clothes yourself?
Our goal from the beginning was always to eventually market our own brand of clothes and we will start rolling new items out as they become available. The first launch will be a gothic skirt line that I designed and which we currently have in production overseas.

Following that will be dresses and of course my favourite, corsets. Along with our own line we try and find the best priced items available from distributors to ensure we stay on top of our game.

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Your clothes and shoes are very theatrical, where do you get your influences from?
I have always felt the clothes and shoes we carry to be a darker, more sexy, adult version of Alice in Wonderland. We carry the clothes and shoes that we ourselves like to wear.

I don’t like labels but if one was needed I like more of the darker, Gothic look, while our other designer is more vintage and pinup style. We compliment each other and find the best selection for our variety of clients.

Can you make custom items for people if required?
Absolutley! Contact us with pictures of what you would like and we will do our best to reproduce it for you. Also, some of the dresses that we carry can be modified to a certain degree if something is needed. Just ask!

Do you have any new designs in the pipeline?
We always have new designs, stock, and perks for our customers scheduled throughout the year. Our big push right now is to get all the new clothing and shoes items online to grow our inventory. We also have monthly contests to go along with a planned Razor Barbie 2012 Calendar that will be available towards the end of his year and offered free to all our customers.

How tall are your tallest heels?
Currently in stock the tallest heels are 8.5 inches. Takes a bit used to the first time, but some outfits just demand it.

If you like to stand out (and above) the crowd, take a look at www.razorbarbie.com

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