Artransmitte – Art Imitating Life

Artransmitte is one of those cool sites that seems to sells things you don’t see anywhere else. Imagine if Toys R Us had been taken over by Banksy, and you will start to get the idea. We spoke to Rebecca from the website to find out a bit more info.


How long has been running for?
We’ve been around since 2008 and wow has it been quite the ride! Having worked in architecture and design, running an ecommerce site brought many new challenges and required a steep learning curve. We have however met a lot of interesting people along the way – illustrators, toy designers/producers and our lovely customers – with the help of social-media and local events (from street art to toy launches).

Of course, you really need to dig what you’re doing because it’s not the easiest market and our products aren’t daily necessities, but we still love them!!

ArtransmitteWas there a particular gap in the market you were hoping to fill?
That’s a secret weapon one should never let out into the marketplace.. no but really, we’re looking to diversify the urban toys available in the UK/Europe.

You’ll find other types of artists beyond the common suspects on our website; we’re not interested in promoting kidrobot toys that are sold everywhere.

Don’t get us wrong – they were the pioneers in this area and produce a lot of cool stuff, but there are so many talented artists out there that we’d rather highlight the work of someone not behind the big brand.

Are you always on the look out for new products?
ALWAYS; heard of something we haven’t gotten wind of yet – let us know!!

Can artists and designers approach you about selling their products?
This was one of the main ideas we had from the beginning but to be honest it can be a real challenge because our public isn’t always interested in buying products from unknown artists so we unfortunately can’t take on anything and everything we’d like.  We take it on a case by case basis and always love to hear from artists and small brands.

Do you deliver to anywhere in the world?
We will ship practically anywhere; if the pricing for any country is not listed on our website we can provide all details quite efficiently.

What is your fav product on the site?
That’s a tough question.. right now we’d have to say it’s a tie between Gary Ham’s new toy, Hermees, Farenheit OG and eBoy posters.

We have a great interview with Steve Talkowski, one of the talented toy ‘designers’ coming up on FTF very soon, in the meantime enter our competition to win one of 2 Limited Edition exclusive Artransmitte T-Shirts, see below.

** This competition is now closed **
This competition is now closed, for our latest competitions click HERE

There is tons of fantastic and original products on the Artransmitte website , the hardest thing is deciding what to get.