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BMF Wallet - Pulp Fiction

Love him or hate him there is little doubt Quentin Tarantino has been one of the most influential directors of the past 20 years. His style has been copied so much that it’s hard to remember the sheer impact Reservoir Dogs had on the film world when it was released back in 1992.

While Quentin would be the first to admit the many films that influenced his own style of film-making, his resulting mash-up was brilliant and breath-taking cinema, taking influences from everywhere and everything. His follow up was more of the same, and with a bigger budget, established stars and a wider palette, he made probably (in my opinion anyway) one of the top 10 movies ever. Pulp Fiction.

Such is the continued popularity of Pulp Fiction you can get all manner of products related to it. I came across these Bad Mutha F****r Wallets the other day and apart from REALLY wanting one, thought they would make some really cool competition prizes, so Flush the Fashion have 3 to give away.

Bad Mutha F****r Wallet competition

Bad Mutha F****r WalletsI spoke to Josh Harlan from BMF Wallets to find out more..

What made you decide to start making BMF wallets?
I saw the movie years ago and wanted to get the wallet for myself.  This was early 2003, so I went on eBay and searched online and found only a few that didn’t look that well made and were quite expensive, over $50.  

I thought I could make a better product and sell it at a cheaper price.  It’s important to me that I create a product that people want to buy and want to show off.  I love the emails and pictures I receive from customers telling me how much they love their wallet.  To quote Frank Lucas in American Gangster: “I sell a product that’s better than the competition at a price that’s less than the competition.”

Are you a big Tarantino Fan?
I love movies in general and Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite directors.  I love Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill and Inglorious Basterds. When I am watching one of his movies, it really comes through how much he enjoys film making.  His writing style, his character’s dialog, is funny and unique. Tarantino’s movies are fun to watch, especially picking out the obscure references.

How many times have you seen Pulp Fiction?
Hard to say, more than five, less than ten. 

People buy your wallets from all over the world, why do you think they are so popular?
I just checked and people in 94 countries have bought BMF wallets.  And the United States accounts for around 2/3 of the total, so a large, and increasing percentage, of people buying the wallets are from the rest of the world.  

The UK, Canada, France and Australia are the next largest markets, but I’ve sent wallets to everywhere from Kuwait to Greenland to Ukraine to Singapore. I’m constantly amazed at how global demand for these wallets is. 

BMF Pulp Fiction Wallet

Have you got any other Tarantino related products lined up?
We have four men’s wallets, one woman’s style wallet, a leather BMF key chain that we custom make, no one else has it, as well as the Pussy Wagon key chain from Kill Bill.  I’ve thought about making additional BMF products, like an iPhone case or money clip, but I want to keep the focus on the wallets and make sure everything I do is the absolute best I can do, so I take my time. 

What did you think of Inglorious Basterds? (not my fav Tarantino movie)
I saw Inglorious Basterds and I liked it. Christoph Waltz was amazing and he should get a lot of work based solely on that performance.

Have you heard about the possible prequel with the Vega Brothers in Europe?
I haven’t heard about this movie, but I have heard about Django Unchained and Kill Bill Vol. 3.  Two sites I look to for Tarantino news are and

I should note that I run ads for on both sites, but the guys who run these sites are huge fans of Tarantino and constantly keep up to date on what is going on. 

If for some reason you have never seen Pulp Fiction, you have 2 choices, go and rent it straight away, or watch this clip and spoil it for yourself if you ever do watch it.

Please note this video clip has some rude words in it.

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Bad Mutha F****r Wallet competition